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Whirlpool Europe

Presentation about the Whirlpool Europe Financial Leadership Case Study

Jason Dean

on 19 August 2010

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Transcript of Whirlpool Europe

EUROPE PROBLEM TO SOLVE TH3 NUM83RS RECCOMENDATIONS I II III Whirlpool Corporation joined with Dutch based Phillips Electronics to form Whirlpool International BV in 1990 ($407 M, 53%).
One year later WIBV bought out Phillips stake for full ownership ($600 M, 47%)
Many pan European brands created: Whirlpool, Bauknecht, Ignis, Laden, etc.
11 Manufacturing Plants (10 Eu, 1 Africa) and 12 Distribution centers
6900 SKUs
13 standalone information systems
Customers: Consumers & Contractors
Matched Market demand 79% of the time Project Atlantic was intended to reorganize information flow between many European information systems with the installation of an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) system. GOALS Reduce Days of Sales Inventories (DSI) by 12 Days from 51 to 39
Lower Inventory Levels
Phased ERP Installation approach to European countries in "Waves"
Increase targeted Product Availability from 79% to 92%.
Increase Gross Profit Margin by 0.25%
Reduction in headcount
Reduction in Warehouse Space due to reduced inventory
Reduction of Returned Units
Reduction of Bad Debt and IS expenses. Approach Calculate Cash in and out flows
Take Depreciation and Taxes into consideration
Determine NPV If my numbers are correct:
Because NPV is less than 0, reject the investment
Even with reduced DSI and increases in Profit Margin, the costs outweight the benefits Operational Concerns
The company can only last so long on 13 separate systems before they start to implode and lose capability to deliver. IV THANKS!
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