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Time management

No description

Bijoo Ramrakhinai

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Time management

What is
Time Management ?? What to Do ??? Time Management Manage your LIFE and SUCCESS !
By doing more with less Efforts To Do Lists Time Management Self Management Benefits Peaceful Mind ! Reduce Stress Improved Productivity Better Health Greater Financial Stability Self Improvement Analyze your Time Management problem WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY Boss ? Colleagues ? Staff ? You're disorganized ! Unwilling to delegate ? Write a list with NAMES :) Too Much of everything ? Untidy\Disorganized work place ? Late information arrival ? Office ? Traffic ? Meetings ? Working from Home ? Before\After work ? In\Away from office ? Morning\Afternoon ? No boundaries ? Can't say NO ? No Plans, Priorities, responds ??? Let's Dig Deeper ! Preparation Procrastination vs. Procrastination is bad habit that will cause us to
fall every time Recognize you are procrastinating
Will lead to poor time management Break tasks into small chunks Do the easy tasks first or hard tasks first Lose Hope and Motivation Set reasonable goal and also set deadline Procrastination is pressures, preparation is peace Identify resources, Get organized, & Reward Yourself EFFECTIVE To-Do List Planning Specify the Tasks >> Prioritize them >> Set a time for each Urgent vs. Important Urgent Important Requires immediate action Usually visible Not necessarily important Often, associated with the achievement of somebody's else goal Has to do with results Requires more initiatives Have an outcome that leads to goal's achievement Introducing Time Matrix Reduce Anticipate & Prioritize Delegate Discard Action Priority Matrix Quick Wins! Major Projects Fill-Ins Thankless-Tasks Impact Effort High High Low Low Effectiveness is the critical quality that distinguishes achievers from everyone else ! Thank You !
Is about how to control over
the amount of time spent
on doing specific activities And Increase
DECISION The Nature of Time
How are you cutting your cake? Profession
/Business Personal Family Social Activities Put your tasks & deadlines into a diary
Write a list of tasks for each week
Identify Critical & Pressure points
Review & Prioritize
Write ideas & plans in note book Achieving Balance Good Time Management is getting
a balance in all important aspects of
Your life
Your Profession/Business
Your Leisure
Your relationships
Your Social Activities Prioritizing Each day look at your plans & prioritize
A – those jobs it is critical to do today
B – those jobs would be good to do today
C – those which will wait
At the end of the day review and reschedule those jobs you have not done
Remember to be flexible and also plan your carrer and devlopment within your to do list Pareto Principle is the 80-20 rule. “If you focus on the 20 percent that really contributes to the 80% of end product you can get things done a lot more effectively” Planning Other Tips Don’t spend time in regret- look forward & get motivated
If you are overwhelmed speak to your superior to
see what can be rescheduled /double up on committed time
Finish Things – get jobs off your lists
When panicking prioritize and do one job at a time
Don’t waste time e.g. searching, Ask for help
Ask yourself frequently ‘Is this best use of my time now?
<< Make decisions>> DO YOU EVER FEEL... LEARNING
OBJECTIVES Identify obstacles and top priorities
Create a plan to protect those priorities
Establish ways to mitigate distraction along the way ...like a day goes by and you aren't sure what you got accomplished yet worked tirelessly? ...that some of the things you do in your day to day don't result in success? ...So many things to do, just do not know what to do first ? ...Unnecessary pressures (Actual or in mind) ...feel that Weather Outside is Beautiful ...that there is never enough time in a day /or otherwise ? What we gain from time management, in essence, is not more time, but a better life. Bad time management = stress Time is Fixed You can not change but Time management is about
Changing the way you spend your time Look around you and see how much time
we really use effective. The numbers of interrupters is phenomenally
large. We look busy, but in fact we are not. Time Facts and numbers Today we try to do six things at the same time.

From the 40 hours a week we work 8 hours productive. People get controlled by what presents itself and not by their priority. On Average a staff is spending
6 hours for traveling,
6 hours to the operating activities,
5 hours to sales activities,
5 hours to handle some post and phone calls.
Like this a staff is spending more than 20hours to activities that are not his/her priority. Key Mistakes, Time Wasters & Distractions Time Management Mistakes Many of us know that we could be managing out time more effectively, but it can be difficult to identify the mistakes that we are making and to know how we could improve Mistake #1 : Failing to keep a To-Do list Mistake #2 : Not Prioritizing Mistake #3 : Failing to manage Distractions Mistake #4 : Talking to much Mistake #5 : Not taking breaks Mistake #6 : Ineffectively scheduling taska Get Rid off Time Waters and Distractions Minor Time Wasters

Major Time Wasters Daily Interruption
Slave to Technology
Unexpected Visitors
Unplanned meetings Procrastination (Postponement)
No to say NO
Low Self-Esteem
No Self- Motivation
•Phone calls and emails
•Unexpected visit
•Finding the information
to be able to complete task Internal:
•Lack of discipline
•Inability to delegate
•Messy desk
•Lack of planning Cutting down on procrastination
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