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The American Dream In the 1960s

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Katherine McCulley

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of The American Dream In the 1960s

What was the American Dream?
The American Dream in the 1960's included peace, freedom and equality. There were many anti-war protests mainly against the Vietnam War. Women and African Americans were fighting for equality. The middle class expanded after WW2, and that became a goal for many lower class Americans.
Did the dream come true for many people, or was it a myth?
The dream became more of a reality with the growth of the middle class. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, and it said that discrimination because of color, gender, religion or race. This gave a considerably large amount of freedom to people who hadn't had it before. So, it was not a myth.
Did some watch their dreams die, while others prospered? Why?
In the 1960's, like any other time, some saw their dreams die and others saw them prosper. This could because of any number of reasons like economics or effort put into their dream. Many though saw their dreams come to life when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed.
How does pop culture, major events and media reflect and affect the dream?
After entering the Vietnam War, many U.S. citizens realized that peace was something to treasure, and started many anti-war protests. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and a lot of other African Americans and even white people protested for equal rights. Marilyn Monroe, a famous singer and actor during this decade was active in women's rights.
The American Dream in the 1960s
Others saw their dreams of ending the Vietnam War come true, although many years later.
What did people even look like in the 1960's?
Most of the country was thinking about change during this time period.
Women wanted rights, minorities and African Americans wanted rights, the whole country generally wanted to end the Vietnam War.
Hippie Culture
During the 60's, the hippie was invented.
In general, they wanted to protest society by being different than the group.
Many people associate the 60's with marijuana, LSD and hippies.
However, most people did not participate.
Prices of random items
Macy Boknecht, Philipp Sloot, Dakota French and Katherine McCulley
Rock music was still being accepted
A talking Barbie doll costed an average of 7.97USD
Troll Dolls: 1.44USD
A Candyland Board Game: 2.4USD
Gallon of Gas: 0.32 cents
12 eggs:60 cents
Any questions?
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