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Visual Video Vocab Guide

Visual Video Vocabulary Guide A presentation for Literacy Development

Madeline Krisko

on 2 November 2011

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Transcript of Visual Video Vocab Guide

Visual Video
Vocabulary Guide "Traditional" Vocabulary Guides Literacy Strategy
Visual Video Vocabulary Guide Expression The method of expressing oneself to the world, confidentially and passionately is the means of opening up who you are to the viewer. It’s a detailed little window to your mind that can be used for good or bad. It shows so much enthusiasm in one’s character when they post a video of themselves being silly and dancing. It’s a risk someone takes to really try to be human like everyone already knows you are. Identity Most identity is our own, our I.D., our name. But on YouTube, it’s a form of mask. New name, new character to play. A short fresh start for most. I don’t like portraying somebody I’m not, but I love writing stories and placing myself in a character’s shoes for a few moments. Looking Glass Self This means we view ourselves based on how others around us view us. I know who I am doesn’t depend on/isn’t the person others think I am. But I often catch myself trying to portray my best qualities, even things I am not, so that others will be impressed and like me more. In conversations with new people, and even Facebook posts, I am highly aware of what I say and often try too hard to be funny, interesting, etc. About the Class Lesson Objective Students will be able to define, analyze, evaluate, and/or discuss 5 ideas out of 15 from “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube”
Domain: Cognitive Strategy Purpose In order for students to have discussions about various new topics and ideas, they need to share a common background of words that will come up in their research throughout this unit. Directions I know how students felt about "traditional" vocabulary work, however, so I wanted to expand their vocabulary in a way that would help them discover personal connections to the words and lead them to really understand their meaning, not just memorize definitions. Strategies/SDAIE Lecture via video, Discussion, Writing to Learn, Contextualization (SDAIE)
Reaches Visual, Reading/Writing, and Auditory learners What Worked Well? Next Time? Some students liked the option of being able to choose which words they were going to respond to and how, while others took a bit longer in this unit to open up to the flexibility of it. Addressing Student Needs:
- A quick way to develop common background knowledge for this unit
- Develop an understanding of the vocabulary in a way that related to THEIR lives, something I was unable to give them with a fill in the blanks handout
- Escape the “there is one right answer” mindset and move into a more contemplative and in-depth way of thinking about things Make the directions easier to understand (3rd period helped me revise the directions before I gave them to 4th)
Give them less options of HOW to respond. (Make defining the word mandatory and separate from the rest of their response).
Remove confusing words to give a smaller list from which to choose
Do NOT assign vocabulary work as homework.
Check for understanding during discussion to give students the opportunity to ask questions or take more detailed notes
Spend two days on the video or shorten it, if necessary. Grading 2 points per response (20 points possible)
Class average=76%
7 students did not complete assignment (of those 7, 6 are failing this class.)
Only 1 student failing the class completed the assignment, and they received 12/20.
8 students received 20/20.
8 students received OVER 20/20. (Show Video) Questions? Thank You! 4th Period English
29 WEST Juniors
13 boys & 16 girls
No ESL/ELD students
Class average= B-
A=9 B=6 C=6
D=6 F=1
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