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" The Moving Finger."

No description

Tiffany Shave

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of " The Moving Finger."

"The Moving Finger."
By Edith Wharton
1899 Information about the author... *Lived January 24, 1862 – August 11, 1937. *Born in NYC along with her two brothers. *In 1885, she married a wealthy Bostonian at 23 years old. *Her husband's mental state worsened, and after a short affair she divorced him. *She was also an interior designer, and her home "THE MOUNT" still serves as an example to her ability. *Her story "The Age of Innocence won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature in 1921 making her the first female to win this award. *The theme of the story is that life is much more difficult going through it alone. Theme of the Story... *The theme of the story is stated on page 78 "Life is a big thing, of course; a magnificent spectacle; but I got so tired of looking at it alone." *Grancy is saying that his life is much more difficult living alone. And this portrait of his wife represented his wife's presence, and he did not want to leave her behind. Character Analysis... *Mrs. Grancy-
She was the 2nd wife of Mr. Grancy and said to be his "real wife."
She had died after their short marriage.
She was painted by Claydon before her death, and this how Mr. Grancy fell in love with her.
Remarked as very beautiful, and youthful in her portrait. *Mr. Grancy-
Before his 2nd wife, he was a misunderstood, poverty stricken, ill-health man. It was said that his first wife had been holding him back.
"Burst into a flower" after marrying his second wife.
After her death, he was afraid of "leaving her behind", and he had become depressed. *Claydon-
An artist, painted the portrait of Mrs. Grancy.
Consistently came back to Mr. Grancy's house to repaint the portrait. *The Portrait-
The Portrait symbolizes Mrs. Grancy living on with Mr. Grancy.
It was said that she had been "living through her painting."
Mr. Grancy stated the "picture that stands between us; the picture that is dead, and not my wife." Because it was believed that she lived in the portrait. Symbolism... *Claydon-
Claydon symbolizes the giver but taker of the story. Although he consistently re-painted Mrs. Grancy's portrait so she could grow with Mr. Grancy's years in life, he also gained from it.
He believed that since she was dead, she no longer belonged to Mr. Grancy. He thought Mrs. Grancy had now belonged to him since he had painted her and aged. He believed he controlled her although she had passed. * What do you think the Genre of the story is? GENRE... *Mr. Grancy's house-
Mr. Grancy's library is the main place in the story. It is a dark room with chairs facing the portrait of Mrs. Grancy.
The portrait hangs on the wall in the study, and this is where Mr. Grancy spends his time viewing the picture, and allowing it to be apart of his life. Setting... 3 quotes and explanation... * "The picture was at its best in that setting." 1) "The feeling grew as we neared the place and I found how inextricably his wife was interwoven with my remembrance of the place: how the whole scene was but an extension of that vivid presence." 2) "It was as if she had suddenly become fixed, immovable like her own portrait: as if Time had ceased at its happiest hour..." 3) "'I kept them together to the last!' He looked up at the picture again. 'But now she belongs to me,' he repeated." *1830's
A time of industrialization.
Inventions included the sewing machine, and the lawn mower.
Texas had declared independence from Mexico (USA spreading).
Andrew Jackson was the President.
Indian Removal Act- emigration of thousands of American Indians to the West.
Slavery still a major part of economy. Historical content... Author's purpose? Point of view... * The storyline of "The Moving Finger" is that the portrait represents a larger being of Mrs. Grancy.
* Mrs. Grancy's portrait guides the story with the relationship Claydon, and Mr. Grancy and how they both benefit from the painting, it represents the idea of "not leaving someone behind", and the loneliness of life without a partner. Plot... Post colonialism... *The genre of the story is........Narrative Fiction! *Narrative Fiction -literary works invented by the imagination, such as novels or short stories. * The Point Of View is 1st person * First Person- pronouns and verbs used to refer to the speaker or writer of the language in which they occur. * The Author's purpose of writing this short story was for entertainment. * Is there anything else you could think of?
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