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Session 6 COUGH Cessation Student Advocates Training

No description

CYAN and Project UNIFORM

on 6 September 2017

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Transcript of Session 6 COUGH Cessation Student Advocates Training

Tobacco Cessation Student Advocate
An online training series
for college students who are interested in helping
tobacco users quit.
Campus Cessation Services
Outreach, Quit Kits
Educational Materials
Litter Cleanups
Policy Advocacy
Web Presence
Other Tobacco Issues
What is the best way to provide tobacco cessation on college campuses?
There are lots of ways! It depends on campus resources and needs...
Health Center Staff
Tobacco Cessation Counseling
Medication Help
Referrals to 1-800-NO-BUTTS
Can relate tobacco cessation to other health visits, provide expert medical advice for tobacco cessation, support students over time with cessation visits, advocate for calling the California Smokers' Helpline.
Peer Health Educators
& Student Advocates
Promote tobacco cessation
Refer to campus health services staff or 1-800-NO-BUTTS
Students respond well to getting health information from their peers
Games, outreach, classroom presentations, social media campaigns, peer education at the health center
No Health Center Staff?
No Peer Health Educators?
Other advocates on campus can promote cessation as well by advising people to quit and promoting the Smokers' Helpline at 1-800-NO-BUTTS
Police Officers
Athletic Coaches
Student Clubs
Other advocates - anyone who cares can help!
Quit Kits
Educational Materials
Litter Cleanups
Tobacco-Free Campus Policy
Web Presence
Session 6 Complete
Campus Cessation Services
Outreach, Quit Kits
Educational Materials
Litter Cleanups
Policy Advocacy
Web Presence
Other Tobacco Issues
To get credit for the session, and receive a certificate of completion for the entire program, please follow the link to the final evaluation.
Earth Day April 22nd
Great American Smokeout
Third Thursday in November
New Year's Resolutions
Love a smoker, quit for Valentine's Day
Lucky time to quit - St. Patrick's Day
Quit for Graduation
Celebrate Independence from Tobacco on July 4th
Back to School Quit
Tobacco is Scary, Quit for Halloween
Tie Cessation into other events: big athletic games, stress events, 5Ks, women's specific celebrations, cultural celebrations... BE CREATIVE!
Small bags or boxes filled with information and items to support a people making quit attempts.
Can vary by budget and needs - very customizable.
Gum, Suckers,
Straws, Toys,
Rubber Bands,
Mints, Snacks,
Helpline Cards,
Quit Tips,
Chapstick, Tea,
App/Text Info,
CYAN sends free educational materials to campuses to promote tobacco cessation.

Posters & Flyers
Post Cards
Other Materials
for more information

Learn about tobacco use hot spots.
Demonstrate that tobacco is a problem.
Educate others.
From Toxic Butts in San Diego:
sample protocol, including volunteer instructions and collection documents can be found at
CYAN supports colleges in their efforts to go tobacco-free.
Enforcement & Compliance
Campus Health Services Website
Social Media

Winners of the Surgeon General's Video Contest!
Pause for a Cause: http://programs.healtheducation.uci.edu/pause/home.php
Issues People Care About
Sometimes, people care about the health impact of tobacco. Other times, different messages about tobacco are more impactful.

Here are some ways to understand tobacco from different perspectives such as environmental concerns, unsafe working conditions for children, and other issues.

How to use social media for public health advocacy

CA Tobacco Free Colleges
A collection of materials from college campuses throughout California.
Designed as a hub for sharing materials between campuses.
Materials are being added, and the site will be unveiled soon.
Call for Materials:
We are always collecting tobacco-related advocacy materials. Do you have materials to share?
Email beth@cyanonline.org for more info.
Examples: sample surveys, flyers, bookmarks, policies, resolutions, brochures, etc.
Best Practices
Grand Prize Winner, Age 18-25 Category
Grand Prize Winner, Age 13-17 Category


California Smokers Helpline

(for help quitting smokeless tobacco)

Coming Soon
Tobacco is an environmental issue.
Tobacco is a child labor issue.
Tobacco is a social justice issue.
What's Next?
We hope this training provided you with knowledge and skills to help you feel more confident about advocating for tobacco cessation on campus.

We hope you take what you learned from this training and start putting it into practice in your community.

Try connecting with other advocates on campus, including other students and staff members to brainstorm next steps.

You can always contact us at CYAN for support in implementing campus tobacco cessation services, or working on a tobacco-free campus initiative.
More Resources at
COUGH Cessation Student Advocates Training Tips

this training is narrated, please ensure your speakers are on.

to ensure the videos play correctly, use the arrows to click through the training. The videos will not work in auto play.

This training contains clickable links to other resources.

Watching this training in full-screen mode will make it easier to read the text.
Questions? Email us at info@cyanonline.org
Click the arrow button or key to begin.
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