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Oral Presentation

No description

Helen Chen

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Oral Presentation

Indexed Color is a method of compressing an image that
enables 8 bits per pixel to look almost as good as 24 bits per pixel. (2009, para. 1) Essentially using index color is just using a very limited color palette to enable faster processing of the image on your computer. This means that the picture or object you edit will use less memory or how much space it takes up in the computers “brain.” This enables the computer to produce or show the image faster on your screen. data structures that represent several dots to create one image, using a rectangular grid to organize them. Graphic Stroke dots are individual squares that are classified as pixels and are arranged and colored in varying hues to formulate a specific pattern (image). When you go to increase the size of the image, the pixels become enlarged making the picture become jagged around the edges. -The blending of colors and shades on a bitmap image
-Reduces jagged edges and give it a smoother appearance made up of paths defined by a start and end point created by a mathematical equation. Constrain Pro is the method of sizing an object in a confined way so that it stays uniform. Typically this is done by holding down the shift key and then sizing the object. If you didn’t do this then the object would be able to change more freely (either more horizontal or vertical). An example of this would be if you were trying to make a circle bigger and were having trouble keeping it a true circle. If you held down the shift key while sizing it, it would then stay completely round. Constrain Pro Kerning type Kerning type is the process of adjusting the spacing in a proportional font between pairs of letters or characters. (Bear, para. 1) When you design text for graphics, the spacing between two characters may sometimes look further spaced than it does compared to other characters in that text. To fix this spacing, we use kerning to adjust the spacing to be proportional between these characters. You’ll see that a well-kerned text will have similar area between its characters. Think of it as a table set with two chairs that aren’t spaced proportionally, when you look at the table, it looks off balance. So to fix that, you would adjust the spacing between the chairs to have similar spacing in between. We do the same thing in graphics for letters and characters. Graphic fill is a drawing application used to “paint” objects or an entire canvas. Fill application starts with the pixel you clicked on and then moves on to other pixels neighboring it and determines whether it matches the beginning pixel (Henrich 2012, Introduction, para.3). For example if you chose to fill a black object on your image, the fill application would only change the color of the black pixels and any pixel connecting to that object that wasn’t black would remain the same. Graphic Fill A path can be a line, square, triangle, or a curvy shape. Have control points at each intersecting point (ex. if you had a ten-sided shape you would have ten control points). No jagged edges appear when resized. Example: In comparison Graphic stroke is the outlining of a graphic. The effect created by putting a stroke on your graphic is a highly contrasted outline that separates it from the background and surrounding objects. This is often used when you want one specific part of a piece to pop out, but is also used in a wide variety of comic book style art. In comparison http://www.flashcardmachine.com/photoshop-vocabulary.html Equation chooses where each graphic is located by measuring the computers screen resolution to ensure the image looks the best. Anti Aliasing Used for logo designs, text, precise drawing etc. Can resize from a business card to a billboard. Used in photoshop (editing pictures pixel x pixel). Adobe Illistrator Example: Metadata is data about data. It is descriptive information about a particular data set, object, or resource, including how it is formatted, and when and by whom it was collected. It can be used in any sort of media to describe the contents of the information. The idea behind it is to provide documentation or information about a specific piece of data. An example of this would be search browsers such as Google or Yahoo. They make your search process much faster by using metadata to find your information. Meta comes from the Greek prefix Meta that describes being amongst something (2012, What is Metadata? para.6). Gradient Fill A gradient fill is when two or more colors are mixed together gradually; this creates a natural flow between the colors and allows for a smooth transition between very unlike colors. Gradients can also be used in a background to accentuate one part of a graphic or piece of artwork. http://www.polleverywhere.com/multiple_choice_polls/LTE4NzkzNDUzNDk http://img.tfd.com/cde/_24VS8BT.JPG http://abc.eznettools.net/eznetu/Graphics/graphic_types/images/bitmap-vector-diagram2.jpg DIGITAL DESIGN LEXICON by: Stefanie, Tiffany, Helen, Robert, Alan & Morgan
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