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The Hero's Journey:The Karate Kid

No description

Michelle Carnovale

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey:The Karate Kid

The Hero's Journey
The Karate Kid is a movie about a boy named Daniel that moves to California with his mom because she got a new job. The first day he arrives he gets invited to party where he meets a girl named Ali. Ali's ex-boyfriend, Johnny, shows up and sees Daniel talking to Ali. This is when the rivalry between Johnny and Daniel begins. On the first day Daniel meets the maintenance man, Mr. Miyagi. Daniel later learns he is an expert in karate.
Daniel gets called to his adventure because he keeps getting beat up by Johnny and his friends. Johnny and his friends are all students that train intensely at a serious karate school.
In order to stop to the boys from beating up Daniel, he must learn karate. Daniel accepts the call to this adventure.
Mr. Miyagi
Crossing the First Threshold
Mr. Miyagi tells the trainer of the boys that Daniel and the boys will face each other at the annual tournament. The boys have to leave Daniel alone until the tournament. Daniel is inexperienced and has a lot of training to do.
Mr. Miyagi gives Daniel a headband to wear while he trains.
Call/Answer to Adventure
Mr. Miyagi understands Daniel and trains him for the tournament. He also teaches Daniel important life lessons. Mr. Miyagi guides Daniel throughout his journey.
Ali also helps Daniel because she supports him. She is nervous for Daniel when she finds out he is in the tournament but nobody stops him from entering the tournament.
Daniel's training experience took him to a new world. Mr. Miyagi trained Daniel in a unique way. Daniel faces many challenges that he has to over come.
Road of the Journey
One challenge that Daniel has to overcome is trusting Mr. Miyagi. They made a deal that Daniel has to do whatever Mr. Miyagi says, no questions asked.
Daniel trains at Mr. Miyagi's house by waxing cars, painting the house and fence, and sanding the floor.
After Daniel masters these basics, he is taken to the beach to learn balance. This is when he observes the crane kick that Mr. Miyagi was practicing.
Crane Kick
Entering the Belly of the Whale
Daniel enters the "belly of the whale" when he fears he isn't going to be prepared for the tournament. Daniel believes he is just being Mr. Miyagi's "slave." All of the "chores" Daniel completed was the training technique that Mr. Miyagi used to teach Daniel karate and to prepare for the ultimate battle, the tournament.
The Karate Kid
Meeting the Goddess/Scared Marriage
The first day Daniel is in California, he meets a beautiful girl named Ali at the party. When Daniel and Ali go back to school, they realize they go to the same school.
Daniel and Ali eventually go on a date together and build a special relationship.
Dismemberment/Ultimate Boon
In the finals of the tournament, a friend of Johnny's hurts Daniel badly in his leg. The boy gets disqualified so another boy from the team has to step in, Johnny.
No one thinks Daniel will recover and fight from this injury. As the trophy is being presented, Daniel limps out.
The ultimate battle has now arrived. Just when everyone thinkd Johnny is going to take the trophy, Daniel uses the crane kick, beats Johnny, and wins the tournament.
Mr. Miyagi and Ali praise and congratulate Daniel. Daniel doesn't have to worry about the boys beating him up anymore.
The Return
After Daniel wins tournament, he can freely live. This journey taught Daniel karate and gave him relationships with important people that will be in the rest of his life. Daniel learns the true meaning of karate through Mr. Miyagi's eyes, "You don't train to fight, you train so you don't have to fight."
Master of the Two Worlds
Daniel masters the karate skills and wins over Ali.
He maintains a balance of his social life and karate life.
Freedom to Live
Daniel can live freely without the fear of Johnny and the boys coming after him.
Daniel can live happily with Ali as his girlfriend and Mr. Miyagi as a special person that he will always have in his life.
The End
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