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The BFG Book vs Movie

No description

Jared Amiker

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of The BFG Book vs Movie

Jared Amiker
6th period The BFG Book vs Movie
by: Roald Dahl Characters BOOK Characters BOOK Setting The Story took place in England and Giant County Conflict In the book the giants want to eat human beings, so Sophie and The BFG are trying to stop them.
In the movie MOVIE Sophie: A orphan girl that becomes a heroine by causing the man-eating giants to be captured.
The BFG: A 24-foot-tall giant, that is different from the other giants because he is friendly and his job is to collection and distribution of good dreams to children.
The Queen of England: The nicest person in England and is calm when something terrifying happens.
The Fleshlumpeater: The main antagonist in the book,is the leader of the giants, likes to torment the BFG, and goes into the world during the witching hour to eat children.
The Bloodbottler: A 50-foot tall giant, has reddish-brown skin, has long black tangled hair, craggy yellow teeth, and has spit running down his chin Sophie: A orphan girl that quickly becomes friend's with the BFG
The BFG: A giant who lives in Giant Country and also specialises in dreams and uses a blowhorn to blow dreams into peoples ears
The Queen of England:
The Fleshlumpeater: He is the largest and fiercest of the giants and is scared of a human named Jack, the giants believe is a giant slayer.
The Bloodbottler: He is the second largest and fierce giant in Giant Country, he overhears the BFG talking to Sophie in his cave and tries to sniff her out. MOVIE Mary: A maid for the Queen of England
Mr.Tibbs: A Palace Butler for the Queen of England
The Head of The Army: A man that is dependable with guns.
The Head of The Air Force: A man that is dependable with bombs.
The Bonecrusher:A 50-foot tall giant, that likes to eat humans from Turkey.
The Manhugger: A 50-foot tall giant that likes to eat esquimos when he is to hot or eat Hottentots from the hotlands if he is to cold
The Childchewer:
The Meatdripper:
The Gizzardgulper:
The Butcher Boy:
The Maidmasher: Mary: The Queen of England's maid, she becomes frightened when she finds Sophie on the Queen's window sill.
Mr.Tibbs: The Queen's butler, he is calm and whispers when he talks and walks quickly and readily when serving
The Bonecruncher:
The Manhugger:
The Childchewer:
The Meatdripper:
The Gizzardgulper:
The Butcher Boy:
The Maidmasher: Major Event In the beginning of the story Sophie see the BFG in her town So the BFG takes her from the orphanage to live with him Major Event In the book, when the BFG and Sophie were on their way to Dream Country, the other giants stop the BFG and started throwing him around. In the book the BFG blow a Trogglrhumper (bad dream) in The Fleshlumpeater's face. In the movie Recommendations I would the book over the movie because it is more entertaining than the movie. The Fleshlumpeater The Bloodbottler
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