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Blogger Outreach

Digital Domain: Mummy Blogger Outreach Programme

Jaime Fouche

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Blogger Outreach

Background What is social media? Why is social media even important? Why are bloggers important Blogger selection Who's hot? Top ten tools for the PR pro Sources Top ranked online sites Digital team is increasingly timepoor Pampers team takes on the world Blogger engagement is the cornerstone
of our clien't market success What's involved?
Face-to-face meetings
Client updates
Use of twitter
Press releases
Having conversations online What tools? Blogs
Online chat
Message boards
Social networks
Social bookmarks
Video sharing
Photo sharing
Virtual worlds
Wikipedia Dealing with bloggers Understand their reality

Be creative

Know their audience

Understand their situation Aren't they just one element of the social media pool? 73% of us have read a blog 32% of consumers trust a blogger's recommendation

Verbatim You decide With over 200,000,000 blogs in existence and 17 posts every single second It can seem like a jungle out there Our key bloggers Josh's top reads include Top 100 british bloggers Some new truths about those stats Youtube now has 120,000,000 videos uploaded... With 70,000 posted each day As of October 2009 - Facebook registered 400,000,000 active users

Making it now the 3rd largest country in the world

23 million are in the uk How? Read their blogs

Respond to their posts

Speak to friends with kids and get an idea of their lifestyle

Absorb information from baby / parenting magazines Imagine you have to deal with this at 6:45 in the morning See page 4 1. Pick up your blog by googling the title

2. Schedule a 5 min slot in your diary for each morning

3. Read blog (the tricky bit)

4. Note down any traits, tone, sumbission timings

5. Feed back to the team at the weekly meeting

6. Let's guage the bloggers' style, and suitability

7. If needed shift bloggers around

8. Develop blogger media table and ranking system as a team

9. Keep an ear out for new blogs and then?
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