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Full steam ahead toward Learner Success

No description

Aaron Blaker

on 7 July 2015

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Transcript of Full steam ahead toward Learner Success

Full steam ahead
toward Learner Success
Dear Interviewers,

I wish to briefly share with you a (modified) presentation I made to colleagues in 2013, face-to-face and online. As evidence of my approaches and beliefs in terms of instructional design, ako, and collaboration, it demonstrates how and why I have gravitated toward the Design for Learner Success project and the team integral to its implementation.

As part of a project I was managing with OP Online, I went to Nelson to learn with and from the teachers, MOODLERS, Library learning facilitators and course designers at NMIT, Nelson. What I learned and experienced contributed to how I articulate my own process. This reflects and constantly informs my own approach and beliefs.

The Prezi is a taster, an introduction. I will expand upon its themes in person.


The Edukators
Otago Polytechnic
Te Wai Pounamu
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
the opportunities for sharing of courses, collaboration and moderation using MOODLE and online tools.
the potential of projects, student directed and managed learning within our programmes
storing audiovisual data (Youtube, Wikispaces...) and the role of the data objects in formative assessment
the importance of removing impediments from your own path and the paths of others when it comes to the deployment of online resources and tools.
We agreed that all resources and tools need to facilitate and accelerate learning, rather than just be sources of excitement.
We agreed on the importance of the continuing relationship between NMIT and OP, and the shared benefits of face-to-face engagement with institutional partners
time saving (after an initial investment, the course becomes a sustainable resource, to be added to and improved)
ability of an LMS to be the memory of the teacher and the central engagment point for the students, as well as an excellent forum for collecting and observing evidence of learning.
preventing the situation whereby the teacher becomes a bottleneck of information and resource dispersal.
the importance of Programme and Course design in general, and blended learning design in particular. I think it is worth reflecting on this document
MOODLE and blended learning can be deployed in different ways to cater for different levels/programmes.
Colleagues can help each other a lot with increasing capability and implementation.
All learning can be accelerated by judicious use of physical spaces, resources and relevant technology. Spaces and resources must be magnetic. Spaces must be versatile. We can't expect students/staff to thrive in an unaesthetic/unthoughtful environment.
Blended delivery (Inc. SDL/GIL) needs to be proactively timetabled into our programmes.
the need for a Library Learning Centre to be not just about information, but about LEARNING. Learning spaces must act as magnets, with their presentation of materials and their use of tools and physical space.
ENVIRONMENTAL GENEROSITY: spaces such as The Hub- very successful in attracting and stimulating students and staff with its blend of social space, furniture, technology, and relaxing areas, good light, food and drink.
(Now, we can reference the Hub at OP as a modern learning space.)
The importance of links between Schools/Courses/staff and the LLC, including inductions and orientations. The LLC staff are well placed to aid "navigation through the data smog."
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