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Social Media and The not-yet level global playing field

Prepared for #140conf BXL by Christina Jordan of www.Evolutionize.It

Evolutionize It

on 14 September 2010

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Transcript of Social Media and The not-yet level global playing field

Social media and the not-yet level global playing field International collaboration for global development is rapidly evolving, and social media tools will continue to play a key role. new ways of learning about development-related realities
new formats for co-creative dialogue
new mechanisms for funding development projects
new models for donor accountability
new opportunities for (some) ordinary people to engage in making an impact in the world An equal voice for people in underconnected countries regarding development initiatives that are supported by the social media revolution. Today's Under-Connected Regions The Internet is Not a Free Trade Zone Enabling Global Grassroots Driven Development shared computers
slow connections
low levels of locally created content
misperceptions about what the Internet is
cellular based systems more important than web-based
Internet access on cell phones is a luxury extra
no (or very limited) online financial transaction capacity "Paypal is
miles from Uganda" Current
online systems
Africa to interact
with the world
financially. purchase digital goods, consumer goods, or components & materials needed for local innovation
sell products, either locally or globally
contribute to global fundraising or crowd-sourcing campaigns
initiate fundraising campaigns for local development initiatives without a US or European legal presence or proxy The CAN'T DO List: http://makerfaireafrica.com/2010/08/29/solar-powered-street-light-system/ Champion the development of systems for working together which eliminate entrenched dependencies Keep experimenting with new tools that can bring people together in productive, globally co-creative dialogue and ACTION What can any one person do? Choose to believe it's possible to connect all of us, as careholders with equal voices in a more balanced global development system that works Pre-social media revolution use of the internet
crowdsourced global support for local community initatives (Uganda)
Training in online community engagement
Income generation, microfinance, children's activities, craft production & community dialogue . coordinated collaboration: 14 event hosts in 11 countries
Distributed content capture plan (social media and online community tools)
Crowdsourced innovation fund to support selected ventures Early twitter chat for social media & social change
now a widely used hashtag for the social change movement
Next step: a #4change network of collaborative learning events for the social change sector Social media & global social change in action What has social media brought us? What has social media NOT brought us? Social media is helping to shape
a new globally co-created future Individuals will go where systems lead them. Beware of complacency,
there is still much work to do! by Christina Jordan of www.Evolutionize.It
for #140conf BXL (16 Sept 2010)
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