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John grave simcoe

No description

Natalie Hogeterp

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of John grave simcoe

John Graves and Elizabeth Simcoe
When did the Simcoes die?
John died on October 26 1806 and Elizabeth died on January 17 1850
John Graves Simcoe was the only child to survive his childhood. Even though the Simcoe's had four children, he was the only one who survived. His father was a captain in the Royal Navey. After his father died, the family moved to his mothers house in Exeter. John went to school and college, but decided he wanted to take a military career, like his father intended him to do.
What was John Graves simcoe's family history?
this is Exeter.^
John Graves Simcoe was the first governor of Upper Canada. He had served Britain during the revolutionary war and fought with the Queen's Rangers in Virginia.
Who was john Graves Simcoe?
John Graves Simcoe was born on february 25 1752 in CotterStock England.
Elizabeth Simcoe was born September 22 1762 in Whitchurch, United Kingdom
When was John Graves and Elizabeth Simcoe born and Where?
John Graves Simcoe was a British army officer and the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada from 1791–1796. He was also a memeber of the House Of Commons and became a member of parliment in 1790

What Political Group Did John Graves Somcoe Apart of
John Graves Somcoe married Elizabeth Gwillim, daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Gwillim and Elizabeth Spinckes. John and Elizabeth had eleven children, ten girls and one boy. When they moved to canada, they only took the younger kids, and left the others in England, because they were all old enough to be on their own.

Who did John Graves Simcoe Marry?
How did Elizabeth Feel When She Moved To Canada?
9. Elizabeth Simcoe was very shocked when she first moved to Canada, but soon she adapted and really like the scenery and the canadian wilderness. She spent most of her time there studying the country and writing in her diary. She drew paintings sketches, and watercolour art of the beautiful country. she explored on her free time and loved the new country.

What Was Elizabeth Somcoe Involved in And What DId She Record In Her Diary
Elizabeth simcoe kept a detailed diary that tells us many interesting things about the colony she was in. It’s packed with notes about the social life of the colony, cooking, herbal remedies, and day-to-day events. she frequently recorded gifts and purchases from the aboriginal people.

She was an artists and a diarist of colonial Canada.

this is CotterStock England and Whitchurch, United Kingdom
Some Other Information
When John was young he dreamed to become a military commander
Elizabeth Simcoe was born in the village of Whitchurch, Herefordshire,England, daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Gwillim and Elizabeth Spinckes.
She was in charge of naming Scarborough England.
She wrote many events in her diary including:

Tuesday 13 August 1793
An indian named wable casigo supplies us with salmon which the rivers and creeks on the Toronto Bay abound with…… They are best in the month of june.

Sunday 3 April 1796
Some indians brought maple sugar to sell in birchbark baskets. I gave three dollars for thirty pounds.
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