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Hardware and Software

Description of hardware and software by Bailey and Woodrow. NOT JC

Bailey Pope

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Hardware and Software

By: Bailey and Woodrow Hardware and Software The Motherboard! I know it sounds like an alien ship
off of a movie, but it's still a little
similar. Look down here The motherboard is a printed circuit board found in many modern computers. It holds many crucial components. The mothership
holds all the aliens. In this case, the motherboard
holds our components... The mouse is not a creature, but a point and click
interface that enters your command. The Mouse See the difference? Not to be confused with the animal ram, but this kind of RAM has good memory. The animal ram has a horrible memory. RAM The RAMs duty is to store data! Braxton copied
us BTW This stores EVERYTHING Computer Case It stores things
like a briefcase This device is used to type and enter information into the computer Keyboard This is no way related to the musical keyboard... The screen that shows the information for the computer. Monitor They now have 3D monitors The printer takes the screen on the monitor, and prints it onto paper. The Printer It originated from the printing press "Central Processing unit" CPU | It is the 'Brain' of the PC | It is the component that does all the operations and calculations. Any fan attached to the case, which actively cools the parts that gets hot Computer Fan Do not get this confused with a 'normal' fan Refers to the state of information of
a computing system MEMORY A small piece semiconducting material on which an integrated circuit is embedded... CHIP This is NOT food chips Software its not really soft The programs and other operating information used by the computer. Definition of Software This is Software Search engines are sometimes
considered software This is considered the first modern software of the computer age One of a kind Microsoft BASIC 1976 OLD The Diagram of the motherboard o = External memory H= Memory Slots Here's a diagram to show you... How it works The processor can move data from one memory to another Credits Build-your-own-computer.net Google images (Pictures) PCMag.com Etc. Created by: Woodrow and Bailey
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