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Vivo 2013 - Follow me I'm famous

A fabulous journey to explore crowdfunding.

Hoang-Anh Phan

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Vivo 2013 - Follow me I'm famous

Vivo 2013 - Follow me I'm famous
The forest of questions
Why this project?
For who?
The bridge of engagement
How much money is needed?
What for?
How to thank and reward project supporters?
Who are they?
How to reach them?
The maze of social media
Movie shooting
Video editing
Channels & networks
KissKissBankBank castle
Submit your project online!
Dora the explorer & the KKBB castle
But how to get to the KKBB castle?
Watch out for Swiper the fox!
5' - team list questions
10' - project owner answer the questions
Story writing
Iteration 0
Iteration 1
Iteration 2
Iteration 3
How-to & planning
Best story selection
Resource & budget
Story polishing
Budget validation
10 min
10 min
10 min
15 min
5-6 oct. 2013
At the KKBB castle, Dora has many friends who can help her to make her dream come true.
Come up with a remarkable story !
Panel 1: Project story & Know-how
Panel 2&3:
Campaign & detailed budget
Panel 4&5:
Media Creation & Campaign Strategy
the forest of questions
the bridge of engagement
the maze of social media
the KKBB castle
Get your project
Keep the
in you alive
and share your
about each other
Share a
routine together
what we achieved
The forest of questions
The bridge of engagement
The maze of social media

Let's go!
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