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Nosa svs product launch noshcon 2014

No description

Prezibase Designs

on 3 September 2015

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Transcript of Nosa svs product launch noshcon 2014

Roland Glass
Commercial Director

Independent, accreditation programme
that assesses suppliers compliance with international best practices and supply chain management
A software solution to manage supply chain risk
to various industry standards
Can be extended beyond
the realms of health and safety legal compliance
organisation-wide risk and supply chain policies, including...
Provide a comprehensive
document review process
work-site compliance audit
Audits specific to the
supplier’s risk profile

based on industry sector
& business size
What is the
legal responsibility
of the client?
The responsibility of the client
Occupational Health and Safety Act
85 of 1993
Create a database of pre-qualified accredited suppliers for your organisation
Ensuring supplier compliance and responsible sourcing
Delivering on legal obligations and streamlining the supplier vetting process
Six customisable supply chain audit protocols
Health & safety
Social Accountability
Labour practices
An integrated outsourced vetting system for the accreditation of suppliers
The legal test established uses three broad questions
The onus and legal liability rests firmly with the client, thus the legal requirement to ensure suppliers are fully aware of hazards and risks, which the work may entail, is the responsibility of the client
As the client, you cannot solely rely on the agreement to protect your company against liability
The supplier agrees to comply with all applicable legislation and the client’s health and safety policies
We have recognised an
increasing demand
for software solutions to assist companies with
risk management
NOSA has created
innovative software & information technology solutions
that manage business risks more proficiently and timeously,

global application of our risk management solutions
Manage suppliers
within a multiple site & sub-contracting environment
ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001

SA 8000

All NOSA system standards

A contract is concluded between the client and a supplier, whereby liability is contracted to the supplier
Public Finance Management
Act 1 of 1999
National Environmental Management
Act 107 of 1998
Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases
Act 130 of 1993
National Building Regulations and Building Standards
Act 103 of 1977
Mine Health and Safety Act
29 of 1996
How will you benefit?
Provide an
integrated outsourced vetting system
for suppliers to be accredited
Create a database of
pre-qualified accredited suppliers
for your organisation
How will your
suppliers benefit?
Reduce and manage risk
within the supplier’s company
How will your suppliers benefit?
Professional support
throughout the compliance process
Reduce the pre-qualification timelines
by conducting off-site document reviews utilising industry experts
Review supplier’s
health and safety competency
, and
with supply chain policies and procedures
Demonstrate a comprehensive response to delivering on a company’s
legal obligations
Manage supplier non-compliance
set disqualification criteria
for high risk areas and scope of work
Provide a
vetting system in multiple languages
for a geographically diverse supply chain
management reports
on supplier compliance and improvement scores
software based compliance process ensuring
real time vendor processing
in a cost effective and professional manner
awareness of industry best practices
and ensure a safer and more socially responsible workplace for supplier employees
Pre-qualification for tenders and contracts
for companies where accreditation is current
single, user friendly and easy to understand process
that incorporates the numerous SHEQ, supply chain assessments & audits
Access to a
wide array of products and services
from industry


How will you benefit?
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