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Dreamtime Stories - Year 8 Visual Arts

An introduction to dreamtime stories and the images used within Aboriginal arts

Hannah Mounsey

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Dreamtime Stories - Year 8 Visual Arts

Dreamtime Stories
What do you know about the dreamtime?
Can you name any stories?
What do you think about when you think of Aboriginal art?
Dreamtime Stories
The Mimi live in the nooks and crannies of the Australian landscape. Mimis come out at night and are so thin and frail that they can emerge from their hiding places only when there is no wind, otherwise they would be blown away..
The Mimi Spirits
The Brolga Song
The Wagalak Sisters are creation sisters. They carry their power in dilly bags made from woven string. When they walk, they use the contents of their dilly bags to create the landscape. In their hands, the landscape that is created is beautiful and lush. The sisters are the keepers and teachers of the law, but this changes when they are distracted by the voices of nearby men. When the sisters seek out the men, they forget about their dilly bags. While the sisters are distracted, the men raid their dilly bags, stealing their wisdom and power. Sometime later, the elder sister washes herself and her newborn baby in the river. The scent of the mother and baby attracts the dingo, Whatu, which transforms into a rainbow serpent and eats the Wagalaks and their baby.
The Wagalak Sisters
Choose an aspect of a dreamtime story that has inspired you and create your own artwork. Start with a quick sketch then transfer your work onto canvas. Remember: Aboriginal art is not just dots and lines. Try drawing figures of the Wagalak sisters, create a Mimi spirit or draw a dreamtime animal.
Your Task
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