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No description

Jayne Hill

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of THE HUB

We will work with teachers to develop new and creative ways of using media in their subject
You will receive hands on training
You will receive ideas to add video and radio in to your lesson plans
It will all be set up for ease of use
It will provide students with an awareness of Media and Future Technologies
It will provide access to film making activities for students
It will provide access to radio production activities for students
It will enhance written and verbal communication skills
Provide opportunities for collaborative group-based learning

All subjects can get involved
The Hub is set to be a very exciting place to be!
Key benefits
How can we use it?
Examples of how the hub can be used in School
Green Screen technology
really does bring the curriculum to life. It lets us visit the 7 wonders of the world or discover the solar system, or go back in time to walk with dinosaurs, all from the comfort of the hub.

The green screen will provide skills such as;
• camera and production techniques
• script writing
• filming on location
• interviewing techniques
• editing
• animation
• lighting
• sound

Radio production
is an exciting opportunity for the students to get involved in recording interviews, editing together a radio show, creating podcasts and recording live broadcasts.

The radio station will provide skills such as;
• script writing
• recording on location
• recording in the studio
• interviewing techniques
• editing
• creating sound clips
• Creating jingles

• Broadcasts (news round-up) (radio & video)
• Messages (radio & video)
• Adverts (radio & video)
• Promotional work (radio & video)
• Marketing (radio & video)
• Videos for events
• Videos of events
• Sports footage (video)
• Videos and audio for all subjects
• Sound clips for each subject (radio)
• Live and pre-recorded radio broadcasts (radio)
• Podcasts (radio)
• Oral assessments (radio & video)
Launching September 2014
The Hub
Bringing the curriculum to life
Examples of how it can be used in subjects
A vision of bringing together, video, radio, media, future technology and education to help students participate more within the classroom. We want to get students engaged with the curriculum in a creative and innovative way.

The Hub will include;

A green screen studio
Live chroma key
A radio station
Future Technologies

Make a film adaptation of a story or a scene from a book
Film an reenactment of The Battle of Hastings
Write film scripts
Make film documentaries incorporating archive footage
Use film to record and present information about an area, e.g. the local area, or an area visited on a field trip
Use green screen with background images to create a virtual field trip
Script and perform a voiceover in the target language
Use film to record experiments
Use video to record making processes
Present issues, groups discussions
Create films which use slow-motion, freeze-frame, close-up and voiceover to explain technique in detail
Create a soundtrack for a short film sequence
Create training materials
Interviews and FAQs
Create campaigning videos/radio documentaries on specific issues

The Hub is going to be a bookable room. The booking will be done via Jayne.

A system will be put in to place for this.
Future Technology
section will have all sorts of the latest technology that we can get our hands on.

Most of it will be items that we get on loan. We plan to be a lead Academy for companies that want to show off their latest technologies.

Some items will be purchased as part of this plan too.

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