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Practice Prezi

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juan sintes

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Practice Prezi

FORD AUDI BUGGATI LAMBORGHINI MERCEDES BENZ Ford was founded by Henry Ford when he was 40 years old. To this day Ford is big with two other brand that are Mercury and Lincoln to its name. FERRARI Mercedes Benz was founded
in August 1929. To this day it still makes quality luxury cars in the united states and the world Enzo Ferrari founded Ferrari in the year 1929. To this day Ferrari has made some of the fastest cars in the world and is included in racing sports such as the Formula 1. Audi was founded in 1909 by August Horch.
Audi nowadays is one of the best car brands
in europe, it is involved with racing such as LeMans. Lamborghini was founded by Ferrucio Lamborghini in Italy
in the mid 1950's. to this day Lamborghini makes some of the fastest cars on the planet and produces quality racing cars and is very expensive. Buggati was founded in the mid 1950's by Ettore Buggati. In 2010, Buggati has one of the fastest cars in history, Buggati Veyron and continus to produce fast quality sport cars.
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