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Who Built the Ark

To go with first grade lesson

Ron Jay

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of Who Built the Ark

Now didn't old Noah build the Ark?
Built it out of a hickory bark.
He built it long, both wide and tall
Plenty of room for the large and small.
Who built the Ark?

Noah, Noah!

Who built the Ark?

Brother Noah built the Ark!

Now in come the animals 2 by 2,
Hippopotamus and a Kangaroo!
Now in come the animals 3 by 3,
Two big cats and a bumblebee!

Now in come the animals 4 by 4,
Two through the window and two
through the door!
Now in come the animals 5 by 5,
Four little sparrows and the Red Bird's wife!
Now in come the animals 6 by 6,
Elephant laughed at the monkey's tricks!
Now in come the animals 7 by 7,
Four from home and the rest from heaven!
Now in come the animals 8 by 8,
Some were on time and the others were late!
Now in come the animals 9 by 9,
Some was a-shouting and some was a-crying!
Now in come the animals 10 by 10,
Five black roosters and five black hens!
Now Noah says go shut the door,
The rain's started dropping
and we can't take more!
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