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Penny from Heaven

No description

sedona shipka

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Penny from Heaven

Penny from Heaven
Minor Characters
The minor characters in this book are:
Uncle Nunzio/ protagonist-
Uncle Ralphie/ protagonist-
Uncle Paulie/ protagonist-
Veronica Goodman/ antagonist
Scarlett O'hara/ antagonist

Major Characters
The major characters in this book are:
Penny/ protagonist
Uncle Dominic/ protagonist
Freddy/ protagonist
Penny's Mom/ protagonist
Mr. Miller/ protagonist
Grandpa/ protagonist
Grandma/ protagonist

Fact #3
By: Sedona Shipka & Bianca Lutteke

The conflict in this story is Penny's mom getting married to Mr. Miller [the milk man]. The theme of the book is: changes happen in life and even though it could be good change in the long run, it can be difficult to get through. Lastly the plot is when the mom is getting married and when she finds out the truth on what caused her father's death. This book also uses very good descriptors and a fun read. It is also a Newberry winner!
Uncle N, Uncle R, and Uncle P did not play any big roles in the story but when they were mentioned they were protagonists
Veronica Goodman does not play a big role in the story. You guys are probably thinking she is the good girl, but she's not. She is mean to Freddy and Penny at the meat shop they were working at because she was jealous of them. That's why she is an antagonist
Scarlett O'hara is the dog of the the family. She is an antagonist because she would always get in trouble. But sadly at the end of the story Scarlett dies.

fact #2
Uncle Dominic lives in a car and wears slippers. He once had a chance to play for the Dodgers. No one knows why he quit?!?!
Fact #2!!!!
favorite scene
Sedona: My favorite scene was when penny finally found out what happed to her father.

Bianca: My favorite scene was when Penny and Freddy were working at the meat shop because there was alot of noise, and kept my attention.
Esperanza and Penny from Heaven!
1.grumble: to murmur or mutter in discontent; complain suddenly.
[I grumble, open the door and get out]
2.guffaws: a loud unrestrained burst of laughter
[he says, and guffaws]
3.trots: to go at a quick steedy pace, move briskly, bustle, hurry.
[Scarlett O' Hara trots over to Mr. Millagan.]
4.urgently: expressed with insistence; compelling or requiring immediate action.
[Uncle Dominic says urgently]
5.slump: to drop or fall heavily; collapse.
[the doctor says something and her shoulders slump]
About the Author
Jennifer L. Holm was born in California on, August 23, 1968.
As a child Jennifer had many hobbies. She did ballet, and loved to play baseball. But her favorite hobby was to read, Jennifer had a passion for reading. As a little girl this was not common, Girls her age would play with dolls or play outside, but she would read. as she became older, her passion for books grew. After Jennifer graduated she had started writing he first book

only May Amelia
. This was her first published book and became the 2000 Newbery Honor book. Now at 46 Years old Jennifer L. Holm i still writing books and stories till this day.

Took place in Mexico/California
Both heroes in story
Both of their dads die
Both Newberry Honor books
took place in New Jersey
Had to work (slaves)
Did not have to work
Had fewer main characters
Had more main characters


Fact #1
Penny is the main character in the story. She loves to play baseball even though she is a girl she plays like a boy. Penny shows kids that even if you are a different gender you can do the same things.

Fact #3
Beverly Ann, Penny's mother plays a big role in the story. Her mother cares for others so she is a protagonist. But she plays a big role because she changes Penny's life. When her father died at a concentration camp, Beverly found a man named Mr. Miller.
Penny cares and never hurts anyone so she is a Protagonist
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