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Music in the 1960's

No description

Mckennzie Kearns

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Music in the 1960's

pop and rock n roll came from the 50s and continued throughout the 60s then developed into various genres of pop and into heavy metal the Beatles came out with a new style that people liked
List some facts about the decade of 1960s
population 177,830,000
unemployment 3,852,000
national debt 286.3 billion
average salary $4,743
teachers salary $5,174
minimum wage $1.00
Motown produced some of the biggest names such as
smokey Robinson, Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5.
Bob Dylan changed music because at that time a lot of
things were changing.He wrote songs that expressed his
feelings but people thought of it as their feelings.

Music in the 1960's
List some examples of music from the 60s and explain how and why a change occurred?
What major music event was the pinnacle of the 1960's music scene?What information was interesting or important about its impact on the 1960's?
The fillmore was the pinnacle.The fillmore was a dance hall operating under various names and managements.The impact was Charles Sullivan began to look some of the biggest names in black music into the fillmore
What significant role did Motown play in the production of music? What about people like Bob Dylan and The Beatles?
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