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No description

Elliott Munger

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Vivian

Timeline of Vivian Vivian's life By
Devon 1900 2000 April 19, 1912 Vivian Gould is born December 22 1929 Vivian gould gets her love note from Howard Getchell ALSO... January 1st 1930, Richard was born August unknown date 1934 Ronald is born Semptember 19, 1935 March 1st, 1939 The family moved to Oregon City Same year they moved to Lenz hill wich is in hood river still the same year Vivian had her
4th baby on July 21st... Judith Lynn! STILL the same year the family move in
August Cabin at Eastside Hill Time for some more information! Nebraska Hood River The family moved from Nebraska
to Hood River. A old car... That's all folks! Allen Roger is born
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