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Reasons of the Seasons!

No description

Mr. Stack

on 28 November 2017

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Transcript of Reasons of the Seasons!

Reasons for the Seasons!
By: Evan Murphy
In reality, the earth revolves around the sun it takes 365 days to do so, more commonly known as a year.
You probably already know that those are the seasons
now lets get started
If not, then i will demonstrate my poster.
A common myth people used to believe until proven wrong was that the sun revolves the earth.
But its not only because of that orbit, it is also because of the earth tilting on its axis, causes colder seasons when north America tilts away from the sun, and warmer ones when we come back around to the sun.
Some fun facts are...

1. In summer, days are longer than nights.
2. In winter nights are longer than days.
3. In new England, we have four seasons, in each we have three to four months.
In the summer the sun stands high
in winter it is lower.
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