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Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam in Life of Pi

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Josh Schaefer

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam in Life of Pi

Josh Schaefer
Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam in Life of Pi
Hinduism was the first religion that Pi grew up with, and because of that, Pi knows the religion very well. Throughout the story, he references simple facts or stories that Hindus know well. One example of this is when Pi talks about how he wishes he had as many arms as one of the gods in Hinduism. Pi is also a vegetarian. Although he does not specifically say it, I believe that this is because of his Hindu beliefs. Pi is constantly talking about how savage he is when he eats meat in order to survive out at sea, so his vegetarianism is clearly his strongest Hindu influence while he is trying to survive.
How Hinduism Influenced Pi
How Christianity Influenced Pi
How Islam Influenced Pi
Similarities and Differences
Islam influenced Pi most through its requirement to pray five times per day. Before Pi is shipwrecked, he spends a great deal of time talking about how much he loves his prayer rug and how he adores the place in his yard where he prays. When he is lost at sea, Pi doesn't know what to do without his prayer rug. Islam influences him after the shipwreck because Pi continues to pray multiple times per day.
Pi isn't directly influenced by Christianity. While he does talk to Jesus once or twice throughout the book, it isn't as clear where his christian practices are while he is lost at sea. However, we can clearly relate Pi to a big part of Christian belief, and that is suffering. Jesus suffered, and Pi experiences God through his suffering. It is when things are most intense in his journey that he begins to pray to God. When he is caught in a crazy storm, he calls upon the "God of storms." When his suffering is temporarily expelled, like when he catches a fish, he realizes the power of God and divine intervention by giving thanks.
Place of worship: Mosque
Place of worship: church
Place of worship: temple
multiple gods
one god
pray to a god or gods in a special building
believe that the world was supernaturally created
not permitted to depict God or any prophets
Muhammad is God's messanger
Jesus is the Messiah
Holy book: Qur'an
Holy book: Bible
prescribe prayer multiple times a day
many prophets
calls God Allah
calls the first god Atman
calls God Father
concept of the trinity
light up candles at the altar
have goddess mothers: Mary, Mari Amman
believe in Jesus
heaven, hell, judgement day, Resurrection
reincarnation until enlightenment
believe in a force for good and a force for evil
good things happen to those who do right and bad things to those who do wrong
derive some beliefs strongly from scientific teaching
Basic belief: love your neighbor as yourself
Basic belief: surrender yourself to Allah's will
Basic belief: you and God are one
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