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A La Seconde Turns

No description

Libby Hays

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of A La Seconde Turns

A La Seconde Turns
A la seconde basics
Know how to do a pirouette before you learn a la secondes
Spot while doing the turns
Engage the core
Don't look at the floor
Don't overthink the turn or you'll fall
Don't push off the floor too hard or the turns will be sloppy
Stand up straight
"Open the ribcage"
DO NOT sickle the foot (it can cause injuries)
Balance, balance, balance
Improving your turns
Use a barre to practice the positions of the feet and legs (If you do not have a barre, use a chair or short bookshelf)
Practice a general turn or pirouette
Find a place to spot. Look at a sign on a wall or at a window.
Practice them everyday (practice makes perfect!)
Make sure to engage the arms
Make sure you're prep for the turn
What are a la secondes?
A la secondes are turns in second position. You start the turns in second and you keep your leg in second position the entire time you're turning. It used to be that only males did a la secondes because it shows how strong they are. Now you see both guys and girls performing a la secondes. A la secondes are often confused with foutté turns. The difference is that in a la secondes you aren't whipping the foot around. Fouetté literally means 'whipped'. Fouettés involve more of a whipping motion of the foot but a la secondes are a more fluid motion.
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 1
Step 5
Finished Product!
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