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Engaging Faculty in Discussions about the Process of Teaching with Technology

A presentation by the Faculty of Education ICT Committee from Brandon University for the TL^t 2010 Conference in Saskatoon, SK on April 27, 2010.

Jackie Kirk

on 26 July 2012

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Transcript of Engaging Faculty in Discussions about the Process of Teaching with Technology

The Team Engaging Faculty in Discussions about the Process of Teaching with Technology Our Game Plan The Context The Literature About Generation Y Learners About Pre-Service Teachers About Technology Integration About Reluctant Technology Learners About Change in Faculty Groups The Process The Barriers Time Diverse Skill Levels with Technology Resistance to Change The Questions The Discussion What have been your experiences with getting faculty to infuse ICT into their classrooms? What barriers have you identified? How have you overcome the barriers? Different Perspectives Areas of Focus Area 1: Infusing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) (Pedagogy & Practice)

Area 2: Supporting ICT for Instruction

Area 3: Infrastructure

Area 4: Supporting Admin Uses

Area 5: Developing Faculty Web Presence What would a good process be for engaging you in this type of change initiative? The Team Thank-you for attending our session.
Here is our contact information: Mike Nantais - nantaism@brandonu.ca

Jackie Kirk - kirkj@brandonu.ca

Chris Brown - brownc@brandonu.ca

Glenn Cockerline - cockerlineg@brandonu.ca Mike Jackie Glenn Clark & Donna Chris 1. Committee Struck 2. Faculty Consulted 3. Survey Conducted 4. Literature Review Undertaken 5. Website Created 6. Report Written 7. Professional Development Facilitated Our Programs

Our Faculty

Our Committee

The Provincial Mandate How do we meet the needs of pre-service teachers who will be required to infuse ICT into their curricula?

How do we support faculty to "Make it So"?
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