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Trinity540 Counseling History Timeline

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Michael Guilbault

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Trinity540 Counseling History Timeline

The 1st Counselors
The Road Ahead
Religious Leaders:
Moses (1200 BC)
Mohammed (600 BC)
Buddha (500 BC)
Lao-tzu (600 BC)
Confucius (500 BC)
Socrates (450 BC)
Plato (400 BC)
Aristotle (350 BC)
Introduced the concept of prognosis
Developed 1st counseling techniques and interventions
Diagnostic interviews
Detailed history taking
Middle Ages to 17th Century
Early History of Counseling
madness = in league with devil
torture, hanging, burning, sent to sea, trephining
Mental Illness
18th Century
kept away from society
Dorothea Dix
Social Reform of 1880s
Started social reform in US system
Moral treatment movement
Kindness and sympathy
State-supported public asylums
Vocational Guidance or Career Counseling
Modern Day Counseling: Early
Beginnings in Vocations and Testing
The Industrial Revolution & the Vocational
Guidance Movement
1907 - Jesse B. Davis - Guidance program in schools
1908 - Frank Parsons
Choosing a Vocation
Father of Vocational Guidance
of Self
of Work
1908 - "A Mind that Found Itself" (Clifford Beers)
1913 - Establishment of National Vocational
Guidance Association (NVGA)
1917 - Smith-Hughes Act
1917 - WW I, U.S. Army & Psychological Screens

1925 - First certification of Counselors
1927 - Strong Vocational Interest Inventory
1929 - First Marriage Counselors (A & H Stone)
1929 - Great Depression
History of Counseling
1930 - E.G. Williamson (Trait-and-Factor Theory)
1932 - "Education as Guidance" (John Brewer)
1939 - "Dictionary of Occupational Titles" (US Employment Service)
1942 - "Counseling & Psychotherapy" (Carl Rogers)
1946 - National Mental Health Act
1940s - World War II - psychological assessment broadening
1940s - "Counseling Psychologist" (Veteran's Administration)
1950s - Life-span models of career development
1952 - American Personnel & Guidance Association Founded
1952 - APA forms Division 17 ("Counseling Psychology")
1958 - National Defense Education Act
Further Developments
in Counseling
1899- Sigmund Freud - "The Interpretation of Dreams"
1900 - Ivan Pavlov - Classical conditioning
1910 - Carl Jung - Analytical Psychology
1920 - Alfred Adler - Individual Psychology
1940 - B.F. Skinner - Operant conditioning
1946 - Victor Frankl - "Man's Search for Meaning"
1950 - Carl Rogers - Person-Centered
1960 - Albert Ellis - REBT
1965 - Fritz Perls - Gestalt
1970 - Aaron Beck - CBT
Historical Psychotherapists
1962 - Gilbert publishes "Counselor in A Changing World"
1963 - Community Mental Health Centers Act
1960s - Holland refines"Trait-and-Factor" Theory
1960s - Rise in Humanistic theory/Group Counseling
1976 - American Mental Health Counselor Assoc. founded
1976 - Virginia passes licensure law
1970s - Development of helping skills, relationship, & communication skills
1970s - APGA considers aspects of "Personnel" & "Guidance" in agency name
Spread of Psychotherapy
1981 - Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational
Programs (CACREP) is formed
1983 - National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) founded
1983 - APGA becomes American Assoc. for Counseling &
Development (AACD)
1985 - Chi Sigma Iota established
1980s - Counseling as a distinct profession
1992 - AACD becomes American Counseling Assoc. (ACA)
1990s - Multiculturalism & Diversity become key issues
2000s - Online therapy
Counseling in the
80's, 90's, & Beyond
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