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The Outsiders Plot Line

No description

Bryan Hunter

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders Plot Line

Prezi Plot Line Exposition Rising Actions Climax Falling Actions At the hospital, Ponyboy and Dally tell Johnny that they've won. Johnny then dies in front of them. Ponyboy is in denial and Dally storms off, leaving Ponyboy without a ride home. He walks down the road until a stranger offers a ride back to Pony's house. A day or two later, Dally calls and tells them that he robbed a store and the cops are on his tail. He arrives at the vacant lot and points his unloaded gun at the police officer(s). He gets shot several times, and dies almost instantly. The story introduces the main characters - Ponyboy Curtis, Sodapop Curtis, Darry Curtis, Johnny Cade, and Dallas Winston. Also introduces the supporting characters - Two-Bit, Steve, Cherry Valance, Marcia, Randy, Tim Shepard, and Curly Shepard. The setting is Tulsa, Oklahoma in the mid-60s. After talking to Dally and getting some money, a new shirt, a jacket, and instructions, Pony and Johnny hide in an old church on top of Jay Mountain in Windrixville, after catching a train. After a few days, Dally visits them and brings money, and they go out to a Dairy Queen. Johnny mentions turning themselves in, and Dally disagrees. When they return to the church, it's burning down! Dally insists otherwise, but Johnny and Pony go in after hearing the screams of young children. They save the children, but Johnny gets hit with burning wood on the way out. Dally helps him out, and Ponyboy gets knocked unconscious. After the incident, Johnny, Dally, and Pony are taken to a hospital near their neighborhood. Ponyboy is a little injured from smoke inhalation, Dally is badly burned on his arm, and Johnny has a broken back. It is possible that Johnny might die. There's going to be a big rumble between the Socs and the greasers, to expel the Socs from greaser territory. The gang rallies up everyone they can, the Curtis's, the Shepard's, Two-Bit, Steve, and even Dally. Everyone is wounded to some degree, but the greasers ultimately win. Dally pretty much drags Pony to the hospital to see Johnny. Resolution THE OUTSIDERS After seeing a movie alone, Ponyboy gets jumped by a few Socs, the upper-class gang. He wasn't beaten too badly, though. The next day, he goes to see a movie with Two-Bit, Dally, and Johnny. There he meets Cherry Valance and Marcia, two Socs, who are actually pretty kind. Dally flirts, which gets him nowhere, and Pony and Johnny chat with them. Later that night, Johnny and Ponyboy are jumped by some Socs. One of them, Bob, tries to drown Pony in a fountain. Terrified, Johnny stabs Bob, killing him. They flee the area and go to see Dally for help.
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