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Pedro Rodrigues Filho "Little Peter the killer"

No description

sylvana mastronardi

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Pedro Rodrigues Filho "Little Peter the killer"

Pedro Rodrigues Filho "Little Peter the killer"
While in prison he murdered his father for butchering his mother with a machete. Little Peter the killer, usually but not always, tortured his victims before killing them; this was a very personal way of killing.
His pattern was to waste no time. He didn’t stalk the victims; he would find their name and where they were staying, then went straight for the kill. Although, with his father it was said he took his time and carved out his heart, then proceeded to eat a piece of the heart but not for pleasure, for revenge.
Pedro’s trigger is when he hears of a criminal act that has been committed. He wanted others to get the justice that he never got. I believe this is because of his childhood and how his father beat him and his mother. He probably felt defenseless and weak.
The Next Kill
Whether or not he will be released again is a mystery but if not, we believe he will kill again within the next year. We don't know when his last kill was so we can't put an exact date on it. We say a year because he is in a prison full of his largest temptations and it shouldn't be long before he gives in again.
If so, we believe he will kill once he is on the streets again within a couple months. He will stay under the radar for that time period and start doing recon of all the criminals in the area. Once he feels he is safe to kill again it will happen.
Free Little Peter?
The controversial topic of whether or not to let loose Little Peter the killer is still the most talked about news in Brazil. Some say that the streets are safer with him out there. Others believe a killer is a killer and it doesn’t matter who the victim is. Pedro has killed off drug dealers, gangsters who murdered his girlfriend, and even another serial killer, Francisco de Assis Pereira (The Park Maniac.) What do you think?
Pedro's Background
Born in 1954 at a farm in Brazil, Santa Rita do Sapucai.
Abused as a child by his father who also abused his mother.
First urge to kill was when he was 13, his older cousin was in a fight with another kid. Pedro pushed the kid into a sugar cane press. (Boy almost died)
At the age of 14 Pedro murdered the vice-Mayor of Alfenas because he fired his father for the suspicion of theft. Pedro then found the actual robber and killed him too.
By the age of eighteen, Pedro had killed more than ten people. He was arrested on May 24th, 1973 and while in prison, murdered 47 inmates. Pedro was supposed to be release in 2017 but after 34 years in prison, he was released on April 24th, 2007 but sent back to prison on September 15th, 2011 for false imprisonment.
By: Sylvana Mastronardi and Vanessa Adragna
Youtube - Pedro Filho
Victim Profle
Vice-Mayor of Alfenas
-Fired Pedro's father
Age: n/a
Found: n/a
Tortured and killed, very personal, body was dismantled.

Guard at the local high school
-Committed the theft Pedro's father was accused of
Age: n/a
Found: n/a
Tortured and killed, very personal, body was dismantled.

7 Gangsters
-These gangsters murdered his girlfriend
Ages: n/a
Found: n/a
Tortured and killed, very personal, body was dismantled.

Pedro's Father (Unknown)
Age: n/a
Found: His prison cell (unknown date)
Tortured and killed, heart cut out, piece of it was eaten. body was dismantled and decapitated.
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