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Social and Cultural Impacts of Events

No description

Roxana Nucu

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Social and Cultural Impacts of Events

Social and Cultural Impacts of Events
How is it Defined?

Social Impacts refer to short term consequences that make a noticeable difference or change in the quality of life of the host community.

Cultural Impacts are more long term and are based on the changes of the host community's social relationships, norms and standards.
Broadly Speaking...
Social impacts look at any potential change to the quality of life for local residents and so economic and environmental effects should be considered too as these are likely to contribute to resident reactions
Notting Hill Carnival
When did it start?
What is it?
How many people attend?
What culture does it celebrate?
Music & Dance
Food & Drinks
Shared Experience

"London's Carnival 2012 will feed off the Olympic Games. So naturally we want to encourage collaborations with different countries, particularly those with a carnival heritage." - Chris Bootham, co-director Notting Hill Carnival
Social & Cultural Impacts
Negative: a riot in 1976 left 400 constables injured, having a real negative impact on the Carnival.
Level of Euphoria
Enthusiasm for tourism development
Welcome strangers
Mutual feeling of satisfaction
Level of Apathy
Expansion of industry
Tourists become target for profit-making

Level of Irritation
Industry reaching saturation point
Expansion of facilities needed
Locals can no longer cope with tourism

Level of Antagonism
Irritations become overt
Local people blame tourists for problems
Antagonism and tourists are mistreated
Pin The Answer On Pipa's Behind
The Royal Wedding
Proud to be British
It was a day watched by billions worldwide. And a poll has revealed that more than a third of Britons now feel more patriotic since Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot. The Best of British online survey showed that 56 per cent were proud to be British and half the nation said they felt a surge in pride during the Royal Wedding.
Beyond the economy boost and entertainment factor, the royal wedding is playing an important role in Britain's social life. Even people who aren't overtly interested in the royals or following the royal wedding gossip are affected by it.
In short, it's helping people to come together. Communities around the country are planning events in celebration of the royal wedding. My daughter's school, for example, will be holding a street party for the occasion. Planning and attending these events has drawn community members together and encouraged community spirit. The royal wedding and events surrounding it are giving people a common ground to talk about, a polite discussion starter beyond comments on the weather. Declaring April 29 a public holiday has only heightened this drawing together of families and neighbours
Fun Facts
Social Impacts
Cultural Impacts
Theory Time...
29th APRIL 2011
Founded in 2007 when featured on Dragons Den by Celia Norowazian and Ian Forshew.

Festival based in Newquay, Cornwall and lasts for 4 days.
Attracts around 18,000 students.

Beach Break Live
In 2013:

Over 30,000 pasties eaten on site

25,000 ice creams consumed

Surfers took to the waves over 25,000 times
- Noise levels
- License at risk
- Bad press
- Apology in Newspaper
-Tickets for local residents set aside
-Farmer Mike and water supply
-No location popular amongst residents

Positive: the public identifies with its ethos, the Carnival becoming not just an event but "a way of life"
Economic Impacts
A visitor survey suggested that the Notting Hill Carnival did influence the spending patterns of attendees throughout the rest of the year. 52% said that they were likely to buy more Caribbean food items and products that were launched at the Carnival.
2012 Olympics
Positive Cultural Impacts:
- Shared Experience
- Building Community Pride
- Increasing Participation
- Development of Cultural Facilities

What has happened to the venues?
6 out of 8 have post games operators

Olympic Stadium used for:
- Anniversary Games
- Athletics Championships
- Rugby World Cup
- West Ham Football Stadium
Negative Social Impacts
-Increase in traffic and congestion
- Disruption to local residents
- Delays in transport
- Noise and air pollution
Beach Break Live 2009

Activity Time !!
Final Destination
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West Ham United to take ownership of the Olympic Stadium
Fun Facts
Tourism Irritation Index (Doxey 1976)
2.8million status updates about the royal wedding in the 24 hours before the service began.
Twitter users were posting 237 tweets every second about the royal wedding.
Explorer Scouts and Cadets were selling 150,000 copies of the Official Programme.
5,000 Met officers, 900 lining the route of the procession, by midday at least 18 people in central London had been arrested. 24 hours after the wedding, 55 arrests had been reported.
One million people turned out to try to catch a glimpse of the wedding parade.
Over 5,000 street parties took place across England and Wales after the wedding. The parties are expected to draw over 4 million people. There were 5,500 official applications for road closures - with people in Hertfordshire making the highest number of requests at 298. Aside from the cost of the wedding itself, some City analysts worried that the extra day off was one bank holiday too many for the stuttering economy.
Westminster Council was in charge of clearing the streets of the procession and deployed 130 road sweepers - 100 more than usual. They moved an estimated 140 tonnes of rubbish. Westminster city council said its share of the clean-up bill was £30,000-£40,000.

2billion people, 180 countries, 8,500 journalists in London alone.
1,900 people invited to the service at Westminster Abbey
40 foreign royals had been invited
President Obama was snubbed from the guest list, French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni were also not invited due to security costs.
While the cost of the wedding was 20 million pounds, the estimated 620 million pounds in tourism and merchandising it generated offset it.
30.6 million overseas residents visited the UK last year, an increase of 800,000 on 2010.
Visitors spent a record £17.8 billion over 2011, equivalent to almost £600 each and a year-on-year increase of 5 per cent.
Kate’s fashion sense gave a $2.7bn boost to her favourite labels.
Cost the taxpayer £10m in total. The Department spent the other £3m for Culture, Media and Sport, which organised everything from the flags and balloons lining the route to press access and stewarding.
However, the department does expect to claw back much of its costs, as broadcasters had to fork out £60,000 for coveted pitches with a backdrop of Buckingham Palace

What Social Impact does it have on the community?
What Cultural impacts does it have on the community?
Which stage within the irritation index is the Royal Wedding?
How many street parties took place?

An estimated 1,000 miles of bunting was sold to mark the wedding, much of it being used to decorate the 5,000 street parties taking place across Britain.
Tesco sales of champagne and sparkling wine were significantly up. While Marks and Spencer claimed sales of chicken drumsticks had doubled in a week to one million and sales of sausage rolls reached two million.
4 million tweets (and still counting)
7 million Facebook comments (and still counting)
2 billion watched on television; that's 1/3 of the world
1 million people on streets
1,900 people in Westminster Abbey

Which stage of the irritation index do you think the Royal Wedding fits into?
Level of Euphoria:

Visitors are welcome and there is a sense of enthusiasm towards tourism and tourists!
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