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group one

on 27 July 2015

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Transcript of Roundworms

Many roundworms are parasites
round worms
can infect many organsims such plant and animals.
other round worms infect humans as well.
is found within the digestive tract of it hosts.
is found in the gut of its host.
Guinea worms
are found in the connectives tissues of their hosts primarly guinea worms occurs when a person drinks contaminated water
Roundworm is cylindrical, with a blunt head and tapered tail.
Roundworm Anatomy
Rheane and I going to talk about round worms.Round worms are parasites that could be inside any organisms bowel movement. the round worms for some reason shed there stiff outer skeleton as they grow and my partner has more details about these tiny creatures.
Also called nematodes, one of the most numerous kinds of animals, in terms both of numbers and of species diversity.
Roundworms shed their stiff outer skeleton as they grow
is called the fluid-filled space because it is not completely lined by muscle.
Rheane Gilstrap, Hamza Ali
Roundworms are part of the Ecdysozoa group; members of the group are protostomes and have bilateral symmetry.
Have a tough exoskeleton called a
, which is made of chitin and it must be shed whenever the animal grows larger.
Muscle in the roundworm is laid out lengthwise, meaning that it moves by bending its body side to side, more whiplke.
Muscle within the roundworm is separated from the central gut tube by a fluid-filled space.
Roundworms dont have a circulatory or respiratory system, but they do have a digestive system including a mouth, pharynx, intestine, and anus.
Roundworms reproduce sexually and grow into their adult form by molting.
Shed their stiff outer skeleton as they grow
Roundworms must shed or molt their skin to grow.
Have a cuticle made of chitin and a fluid-filled space called pseudocoelm.
Roundworms are parasites
Nearly every plant and animal species including hookworms, pinwoms, and guinea worms.
Often found within the digestive tract, feeding on its host's blood, in the gut or in the connective tissue.
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