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How to make a Stranger Smile.

A school assignment to test focus and creativeness!!!

Carley Reddell

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of How to make a Stranger Smile.

By: Carley Reddell How to make a Stranger Smile!!!!;) Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 A person such as the stranger often doesn't laugh, or smile, or do much of anything around one of us. But that will all change after my words of wisdom. Second you will start doing ridiculous things until the stranger looks at you funny. First of all you must introduce yourself and make a very formal first impression Then you go back up to the stranger and reintroduce yourself keep doing those steps until the stranger smiles. Another thing you can do is get a friend to video tape and do this second how to make a stranger smile. Step 1 First step is important so listen carefully. You and a friend must get some half eaten food, Some half drank milk with lipstick stains on it and go up to your stranger. Step 2 Now you must hand the stranger your food and ask them to hold it then RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!(of course while your friend is filming from a distance). Step 3(and final Step) You can finally run back after watching the stranger handle your food. NOW GIVE THE STRANGER THE MILK AND RUN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! After a few minutes go up to the stranger with the camera and tell them they can keep it. After that the stranger wont know what to do except smile and laugh. Hoped you liked my prezi and i hope you try my scenarios out because you and your stranger will get a good laugh. Bye!!!!!!!!;)
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