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No description

barbara bicskei

on 1 October 2015

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Transcript of Prezume

I am Barbara

Education, skills and interests
During my studies I have
acquired the classical scientific knowledge needed to become a reliable market researcher
Language skills:
with 4 years of experience in exploring consumer behavior nuances
Aug 2011 – Present:

full time
research manager
in more detail...
I have worked on
mixed method qualitative-quantitative evaluations and ad-hoc qualitative studies

focusing on the needs, behaviors and pain-points that service users experience:
Key research types practiced
Projects with
special focus on youth
Product Innovation and Development
Consumer Trends
“White Space” opportunity identification
Handling all research steps

from definition of issues and objectives, moderation, up to presentation of results, including day-to-day interaction with clients, co-ordination, and data synthesis;

Providing insight driven analysis

and actionable recommendations

with a key focus on strategic growth opportunities for the business;
Closely working with cross functional teams

(quantitative colleagues, creative agencies, clients) across multiple geographies to develop and refine ideas.
... and with a keen
interest in using creative and innovative methods
especially using the internet: social media hearing (both texts and images) online forums, eye tracking etc.
Cultural anthropology (MA) ,
Eötvös Lorand University, Budapest
Art History (MA),
Eötvös Lorand University, Budapest
Technical Skills:
Advanced skills in MS Office:Power Point, Excel, Word, Outlook

Advanced skills in QualBoard (online qualitative discussion platform)

Familiar with Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Soundbooth

external consultant for semiotic and cultural understanding
- multi-country project-

In diverse industries
like FMCG, Media, Telecommunication, Financial Services,

An observant and curious research manager with an eye for design

Ability to
critically think
about why people do what they do, and what factors affect these actions.
Usage of a repertoire of methods and a
broad perspective for framing

and deeper understanding.
Offers me the tools I need to understand better the cavalcade of imagery of today,
allowing me to study and analyze our visual culture as a mean of communication
, as a type of language.
Hungarian - native
Brand equity studies, positioning
Insight Generation,
Advertising Development,
* Please check my Resume in .pdf for more information
Understanding the drivers and trends of visual communication through semiotics
With an extensive
experience in design research

(packs, visual brand identity, web design);
and special expertise in analyzing visual data through semiotics,
letting the pictures and our visual culture do the talking to dig deeper and learn more
Other projects and activities:
Volunteer at the Artemisszió Foundation

a foundation to foster intercultural dialogue, and to help migrant groups
Participation in art projects
as assistant curator, assistant content curator of a photo book, organizer of workshops etc.
Semester abroad in Lisbon, Portugal.
Communication volunteer
at a performance company
Using online forum for user segmentation
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