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Discovery Education Network

Prezi for Discovery's Educator Network

Goliath Digital Studio

on 22 June 2013

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Transcript of Discovery Education Network

DEN is a global community of educators passionate about teaching with digital media, sharing resources, collaborating and networking. The BEST Reasons to join the DEN! Connecting teachers to their most valuable resource...each other! Discovery Education invites dynamic K-12 teachers who use digital media in their classroom curriculum to apply to become a member of the Discovery Educator Network. DEN Member STAR Discovery Educator Leadership Council DEN Guru How much has your participation in DEN supported your professional growth? 97% of respondents indicated that the DEN had improved and increased their use of technology. Personally and professionally, I am more excited about learning then I ever have been. I attribute it to the DEN." 90% said: "TREMENDOUSLY!" or: "VERY MUCH!" http://community.discoveryeducation.com http://pinterest.com/discoveryed/ http://www.facebook.com/discoveryed http://twitter.com/discoveryed http://www.youtube.com/discoveryeducation http://blog.discoveryeducation.com Take advantage of the DEN and its online Resource. Gain increased access to DEN events. Take an active role in shaping the future of the DEN. Share pedagogical expertise with the DEN community. Enjoy prizes + premium access to partner websites during Teacher Appreciation Week. Celebrate member innovation and achievement at the Annual Denny Awards Exclusive Promos Participate in the training opportunities and the Rising Start Mentor Program. Stay ahead of the curve with the DEN weekly updates and DEN Blog Network. Support Communication Recognition and Celebration Virtual Events Attend virtual conferences with the global participants. Focus on professional development and networking at the exclusive DEN Summer Institute. PARTICIPATE IN THE NETWORK THE RESEARCH CONFIRMS IT KEEP IN CONTACT COMMUNICATION & SUPPORT RECEIVE + ENJOY
BENEFITS PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENTS In-Person Events "DEN events are great because of the excitement, the people you meet and how you can walk away and use something the very next day."
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