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chai haha

on 13 June 2011

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Project Planning Who going to do what and what order also about thing going to layout Problem Requirements What is the broblem and what do we need to resolve them Sarveys Going to the company see what already exists - what software they got so it about finding out information System Analysis How does the company system work Interview and Questionnaires Observe them how do they currenly do it Visual Design Drawing out the way of the program going look and what object are going on the form Psecudo Code Rough version of the program Back Ups Making a coppies of the program Commenting Making people know what going on with the coding Alpha Testing Testing parts of the program Base testing When the software is complete and need testing - adding features Debugging Finding bugs -problem and get it fix make program working properly users analysis Watching people using your software and see if there a problem that might be change in feature version Documentation User Guide explanning how the program work and also developer guide says what all the codes does Patching Finding problem and fixing it Update Making new verison of program, adding new feature on to it and might change the version name Assignment1- P1
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