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4-3`s Pyp Exhibition 2013 G5

Maria Camila Prada Maria Fernada Rabat Daniel Sanchez Manuela Rodriguez Samuel Quevedo

PYP exhibition Group 5

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of 4-3`s Pyp Exhibition 2013 G5

Ending line of
inquiry line of inquiry The Product PYP Exhibition 2013 Conclusion 1st line of inquiry Advertisement "Advertisement can influences our thinking and behaviour through psycological messages" Central Idea ALL FORMS OF COMUNICATION What is media? How does Advertisement work "Media is all around" Resources We've made:
Some t-shirts
We visited 1st graders
A web page:
danielsanchezurib7.wix.com/actionplan2013 Action Plan By:
Maria Fernanda Rabat
Maria Camila Prada
Manuela Rodriguez
Daniel Sanchez
Samuel Quevedo "Lines of inquiry" 1. History of advertisement
2. How advertisement persuade us
3. Subliminal messages How does it work? Dissociating
Products=good feelling
or emotion THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION !!!! History of advertisement Egypt 2000 B.C. Greece China 1005 A.D. England 1472 Germany 1500´s France 1631 Why people remember
advertisement Humor
Famous Characters
Simple story lines
Emotion Satisfy the consumer How does subliminal messages affect kids Where they come from SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES What is advertisement? - Form of communication
- Used to persuade an audience of consumers
- Objective: Buy!!!!
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