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Idaho Teacher-Librarians: Navigating the Future

Embracing Technology

Glynda Pflieger

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Idaho Teacher-Librarians: Navigating the Future

Resources Professional Development (PD) Looking Forward Research Students Teacher-Librarians:
Navigating the Future Students SCF Technology Task Force findings:
Research #1 task for student device
Maine's 1:1 implementation mistake: not including teacher-librarians (TL)
Digital Citizenship Standards included in Idaho ICT & CCSS

New in Idaho Education:
Senior project (use to assess Id ICT Standards)
Online credits 2/46
IEN - high speed broadband for providing PD College Teacher-Librarians have the education and the skills:
Certified teachers
Library Media Endorsement
to lead schools through the new education landscape if they embrace the role of
Technology integration specialists
Professional Development providers
21st Century issues content & resource experts Teacher-Librarians:
Need to know the CCSS
Select literary text and informational text
to meet needs of students across-the-curriculum
for increasing level of text complexity
print & digital formats
Must evaluate library collections & collection development policy
Encourage the use of LilI and Library of Congress resources to support CCSS Career Citizenship ICfL to:
Develop Idaho TL Professional Learning Community (PLC) to support regional PLCs
Provide CE for TLs to develop PD
Support PD through IEN and other synchronous and asynchronous methods/platforms
Engage Idaho colleges’ of education to highlight role of TLs Senior project required for high school graduation. One-to-One Governance and Instructional Integration committee conducted the Students Come First – 1:1 Survey where teachers were the majority of respondents. Teachers identified Research (Internet, Database, Library Systems, etc…) as the most important task for students to perform on a mobile computing device. Survey question 3.
Common Core State Standards: “The need to conduct research and to produce and consume media is embedded into every aspect of today’s curriculum. In like fashion, research and media skills and understandings are embedded throughout the Standards rather than treated in a separate section.”

Idaho Board of Education determined that the Idaho Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Standards and the 21st Century Skills incorporated into the Common Core Standards covered the necessary digital citizenship standards. Planning, Policy and Governmental Affairs, September 9, 2011 Tab 5, page 3.
Platform, Specifications, and Procurement committee reported from Maine that their biggest mistake in implementing 1:1 was not including librarians because they teach all students research. Audio achieve Platform Committee on 12-12-11 at 48:18.

See International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Special Interest Group (SIG) Media Specialist, The Role of School Librarians in Promoting the Use of Educational Technologies. High school teachers will receive professional development (PD) on how to use the mobile computing devices to aid student learning. Task Force recommended adopting the ISTE definition for technology integration in the classroom
When asked about PD, teachers selected, Shorter, topic-based sessions and on-site mentors and instructional integration specialist who can help with specific questions. Survey questions 5 & 6. One-to-One Governance and Instructional Integration committee conducted the Students Come First – 1:1 Survey.
All Idaho high school juniors will take a college entrance exam, such as the SAT, ACT, or Compass, paid for by the state. SAT selected for all juniors.

Task Force recommended the development of training on integration of technology in the classroom that supports the implementation of Common Core State Standards and Idaho Content Standards (Idaho ICT Standards). They also recommended PD and student skill development for Idaho ICT Standards.

Idaho Education Network (IEN) will provide high-speed broadband internet capability and virtual education access and equipment to every Idaho high school. Research has always been a core instructional component of the school library.

Now, with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for ELA:
Writing... (research standards)
Speaking & Listening

research and media skills are embedded throughout with research standards included in the writing strand. will be ready for college, career, & citizenship Students Teacher-Librarians need to:
Take the lead in our schools
Embrace the CCSS
Integrate Idaho ICT Standards
Help schools navigate education landscape http://www.americaschoice.org/uploads/Common_Core_Standards_Resources/SallyHampton_Goals_WEB/SallyHampton_Goals.html 21st Century Issues like:
Intellectual property rights (students creating content)
Digital citizenship
Online safety
Copyright Develop six regional
Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
within a statewide PLC to
Communicate and Collaborate
& share PD opportunities Additional Resources:
Charlotte Danielson AASL L4L
AASL CCSS Crosswalk Glynda Pflieger
School Library Consultant
ICfL Idaho Information & Communication Technology Standards so that The changes in Idaho education can be grouped into three categories that directly impact the school library.
School Library
Action Planning

created by ICfL
with members representing Idaho's six
school district regions We expect students to be able to... Are you communicating and collaborating at the 9-12 level? The CCSS will have a dramatic impact on the materials students will need to be successful in school. The CCSS has a new... Text is no longer fiction & nonfiction but... Should we reorganize the school library to support the CCSS? This is an exciting time to be a teacher-librarian. We have an opportunity to prove that we are vital and essential to K-12 students and teachers.
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