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Heinz Branding strategy

No description

Katrina Ross

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of Heinz Branding strategy

Single parents, young adults (20's and 30's) and health conscious woman
Heinz positioning strategy:
"To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success".

Superior to other brands
"grown not made".

Life time value brand

Category positioning

Health and wellness

Unique product feature positioning

Kraft positioning strategy
*Fresh produce
Product characteristics:

Brand personality:
*health Conscious

"Helping people around the world to eat and live better".

"make today delicious"

What is Kraft known for?

premium creator of convenience and snack foods.

Kraft dominates on-the-go/convenience food market, targeted at students

Trusted brand
Shift towards health food snacks .



Product characteristics:
*Easy to prepare
Brand Personality:
*Low maintenance
2. Brand Identity
Primary identification
Corporate endorsement for non-Heinz affiliated companies
Used as a corporate endorsement on products provided by all world-wide company affiliates

Red = Innovation, personifies boldness, confidence, passion, excitement and strength.
Catches the attention of consumers
Stimulates hunger
Heinz use white font to emphasize strength.
Recognizable to its consumers.
Heinz is the last name of the original creator (H.J Heinz)
"Heinz 57"

"Beanz mean Heinz

Grown not made"
Forms differentiation
They were the first to create a clear glass bottle
-Questions 3-
-Question 1-
-Question 2-
Touch point 1:
:Company created (planned marketing communication messages)
"Beinz Meanz Heinz" television advertisements, Heinz Facebook page, 'Create your bean' social media, 'Heinz at home' magazine (now blog)

Does it support brand positioning?
Consistent and innovative
Promote health and sustainability.
Family orientated
Social media campaigns
Nutritional information

Does the touch point strengthen maintain or weaken the brand?

Touch point 2:
Intrinsic (interactions with a brand required during the process of buying or using the brand)
Accessibility: (Heinz is available in most supermarkets and convenient stores)
Packaging: Heinz packaging is specially developed to provide 'ease of use' through easy to open, reseal and dispose of products.

Does it support brand positioning?

Does the Touch point strengthen maintain or weaken the brand?

Touch Point 3:
Unexpected (unanticipated references to a brand that are beyond the control of the company)
Word of mouth messages through food bloggers
Social networking such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Does it support brand positioning?

Does the Touch point strengthen maintain or weaken the brand?

Touch Point 4:
Customer Initiated (An interaction that occurs wherever a consumer or prospect contacts a company)
Online inquiries (online forums)
Customer careline (0800 528 5757)
Mailing address for customer care team.

Does it support brand positioning?
Does the Touch point strengthen maintain or weaken the brand?

Logical connections between the communications
Packaging contains information on customer service information and the companies website contact details. On the website provided it contains information on the products, where they are located, package size, content etc.

Weight watches example...

Communications are in agreement
They deleted a pickle...
Consistent advertisement of sustainability

connected and consistent over time
Category positioning
Consistent brand image

Producing a balanced and supporting strategy
Ease of use

The packaging reveals the differentiation of being a company that produces foods that are "grown not made"
Allows the consumer to track every raw material through their global database .

-Question 5-
Criteria 1:
Differentiated from the competitor and consumer perceives them as having unique qualities.
First to launch a ketchup free from artificial preservatives
Each tomato can be tracked

Heinz global innovation and quality center for research and development
Competitors arnt fighting through differentiation but are forced to copy-cat

Social networking. E.g. 'Create your bean'creation. This allows fans to personalize its products

"Easier for You. Easier on the Earth"

Online global database:
Track every raw material and ingredient
The database is continuously updated and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Critical information on the qualifications of suppliers
Shares their guidelines on ethical trading.
Tracks food safety requirements and records
Enables consumers to view the quality and safety performance of the factories and ingredients used.

how they can improve:

Advertise to consumers about their sustainable attributes as a form of differentiation
Increased pressure of corporate responsibility on companies.

Criteria 2:
Positioned on quality and added value which is not easily copied by competitors.


Provides seeds to developing nations

Educational programs about sustainable agriculture

High-yield fruit

Remain ripe longer in the field and improve disease-resistance which allow farmers to reduce their use of pesticides

They use a clear bottle

"baked not boiled"

Exact quantities

Weight watches

How they can improve:

While Heinz has an increased activity on social networking, most of the touchpoints created are consumer initiated.

Criteria 3:
Innovative to answer changing consumer needs.
Heinz global innovation and quality center:
Research kitchens
Feedback centers
Test kitchens
Simulated retail environment
A corporate library

Health management platform developed specifically for consumers with certain medical conditions:

Gluten-free products for individuals with celiac disease or sensitivity to gluten
Low-protein products for consumers who must restrict protein consumption (e.g. people with kidney disease)

Recent trend towards healthier options:
Removed trans fats from all Ore-Ida products
No-salt soup and bean products and Ketchup without sugar
Coca Colas plant bottle technology to produce sustainable packaging

How they can improve:

Accommodate their food to 'snack' size portions
Create more pre-made meals to reach its target market.
Economically, Heinz is affected by low consumer spending power

Criteria 4:

Successful brands have full commitment from all levels of staff, so that every consumer contact with the brand is outstanding.
Tight reporting structure
Heinz partners
"At home" magazine
Heinzbaby information for mothers
Weight watches program
Customer support team, 1800 numbers

How they can improve:

Universal Orientation

Criteria 5:
Consistent and long term communications support that keep the brand trustworthy.
Reminder advertising
Heinz focuses on main objectives: Family "bringing the family together", health "grown not made" and taste "nothing tastes quite like heinz".
Heinz logo is consistent

How they can improve:

Heinz advertisements world-wide vary as much as their products do in order to appeal to various cultures
Steer clear of controversial advertisements

-Question 6-
What was interesting was...


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