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Pain Changes

No description

Montana Mang

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of Pain Changes

It starts with falling down when you are learning how to walk.
Having scraped knees and sore skin as you rush to be the first on to the playground during recess.
It changes when you are get your first ear piercing, the zing and burning sensation only lasting a few minutes.
Pain is the thud of the steering wheel to your chest during your

car accident.
Montana mang
Pain Changes
It is the emptiness that fills your soul when someone you once called yours is seen with someone else.
Pain is the clasp of her hand as she pushes during labor of your first child.
Then it's your
major fight with your teenage daughter, and losing your breath the
time she tells you she hates you.
It is the suffering of laying your friend to rest way too soon.
Pain is being distanced and going separate ways from life long friends.
Pain changes to be the weakening of your brittle bones.

Pain changes when you are unable to move like you once did.

Pain changes when you witness the last breath of the one you spent your entire life with.
As life changes, the was you experience pain does too.
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