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Copy of FINAL Southwest 3D

No description

trabajo cultura

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of FINAL Southwest 3D

facts Well-Known
Hilton Neil Patrick Harris Jeff Bezos (Amazon) Geronimo George Raymond Richard Martin Curiosities So Cultural
Facts Falta la Portada;
Faltan las transiciones (Paths);
New Mexico Acabado; TEXAS History and Geography Well-Known
People Owen
Wilson George W. Bush Renee Zellweger Sandra Cisneros Janis Joplin Lance
Armstrong AUSTIN Houston Curiosities ARIZONA History and Geography TUCSON 1539- Spanish explorer entered
1821- Mexico became independent
and went to war with U.S
1848- The land-north became
U.S territory
1886- Final peace
1912- Arizona became the 48th
State Arizona's History Well-Known
People Emma Stone Cesar Chavez Alice
Cooper PHOENIX Curiosities Cultural
Facts Chester
Bennington Brad Pitt Cyrus Stevens Avery Well-Known
People History and Geography OKLAHOMA Cultural
facts Blake Griffin Curiosities Man vs Food Tulsa Oklahoma History and Geography History and Geography Cultural
facts NEVADA Well-Known
People CARSON CITY Las Vegas Curiosities The Southwest
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