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Thematic Analysis

No description

juan enriquez

on 10 December 2014

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Transcript of Thematic Analysis

Thematic Analysis
Senior English
body 2
Body 3
When one examines Simba's behavior, Nala's friendship and Scar's lies he realizes the primary theme of The Lion King is; "true friendship can survive tough times".

The theme "true friendship can survive tough times" is the primary theme in The Lion King; when one examines Simba's behavior, Nala's friendship and Scar's lies.

When one examines "phonies," Holden's love interests and the museum in The Catcher in the Rye he realizes the theme of the novel is; "growing up is confusing."

body 1
The first example of the theme "true friendship can survive tough times" in The Lion King; is Simba's behavior. From the beginning of the movie, Simba is a energetic cub that challenges all rules.-----insert summary of Simba behavior

As one can see, Simba consistently exhibits friendship driven behaviors throughout the film and this plays an integral part on the overall theme.
Another illustration of the theme "true friendship can survive tough times" in The Lion King can be seen in Nala's friendship. The film has Nala as a constant friend to Simba...
The final, and most powerful exhibition of the theme "true friendship can survive tough times" in The Lion King; is shown in Scar's lies. Throughout the film Scar lies and corrupts others to destroy close relationships. -- Add Supporting details here

Clearly the portrayal Nala's friendship demonstrates how even though Simba was facing the struggles of becoming king of Pride Rock the numerous things pulling Nala away from Simba the friendship stayed strong.
Although Scar tries to destroy relationships it is clear that the strength of the pride is too strong to be torn apart by the devious ways that Scar demonstrated.
4 sentences --Facts only
Then thesis (3 part)
restate your base opinion

restate each reason

say something powerful
Many people believe that bravery is important to a successful life. Some feel bravery lives in everyone. The book Hatchet deals with bravery on many levels. When one examines Brian's crash, survival and rescue he sees that the theme of Hatchet is "bravery lives in everyone."
a sample introduction paragraph (notice there are not any opinions in the first 3 sentences-- only facts
The death penalty needs to be stopped. It is racist. It is full of errors. It is not an effective deterrent. How can America truly believe in it's justice system with such an antiquated and unfair system of punishment?
conclusion example:
The theme of The Lion King
is "true friendship can survive
tough times". This is shown in
Simba's behavior, Nalas friendship
and Scar's Lies. The Lion King
uncovers the truth about frienships
and illustrates that despite the
harshness of the world, friends
can make it easier.
thesis statements
choose 1
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