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William Carpenter: He was on watch for his platoon and two e

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lib hist

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of William Carpenter: He was on watch for his platoon and two e

Derrielle Simmons and Daphnicka Elisme
Sammy L. Davis
Sammy L. Davis was part of the Vietnam War. He has had experience on what the Medal of Honor was because he was part of a military family. As a child he wanted to be just like them. After high school, he enlisted in the army in 1965 and after training he sent to Vietnam. Sammy was in charge of firing continuously with other soldiers, but he believes he had the meanest Sgt. ever. In 1967 they were sent to a small island near Calley, Vietnam, that's when a helicopter flew down. A major came out and said to them, that they were going to get hit tonight.
When the enemies took attack, the Sgt told them to fire, but what they didn't realize is when they fired they hit this rocket, which sent pieces flying everywhere... even Sammy flew. Unfortunately, one hit the Sgt. right in the chest. After being unconscious for an amount of time, Sammy woke up to 100 to 200 soldiers around him and he realized that he was on the enemies turf. He fired, trying to ignore his injured back due to a beehive. In about 45 minutes he found a beehive round, a canister and gunpowder, which he fired from inside the gun he was in charge of earlier. Sammy realized that he overcharged it. When other soldiers came by they said that it looked like this flame thrower thing. Based on their reactions, he wanted to do it again. But, a GI waved him over, who was across the river. He had to get him. Due to his injuries he swam across the river and found a mattress. He eventually had to take two trips because there were three soldiers wounded. When he made it back they saved Jim Dyster's life, one of the soldiers he saved.
Sammy L. Davis received the Medal of Honor on November 16, 1968 when he was 22.

Tibor Rubin and Melvin Morris faught single handedly at the enemy.
They were all severely injured.
William Carpenter and Sammy L. Davis were both blown away by an explosion.
Melvin Morris and Sammy L. Davis faught in the Vietnam war.
Melvin Morris and Sammy L. Davis were both on the enemies turf.
William Carpenter, also known as Kyle Carpenter, is a medically retired United States Marine who received the united states' highest military honor, the Medal of Honor, for his actions in Marjah, Helmand province, Afghanistan in 2011.
He was born in Flowood, Mississippi on October 17,1989. He went to high school in 2008. He had two brothers (Price and Peyton) and a mom and dad (Robert and Robin). Later on, In his platoons second day of heavy fighting with the Taliban, Corporal carpenter was stationed on top of a mud hut, alongside Lance Cpl. Nicholas Eufrazio , when a grenade landed on the rooftop. Corporal Carpenter leaped between the explosive and his fellow Marine, absorbing the brunt of the blast with his body. He lost his right eye and most of his teeth and had to go to many surgeries due to the shattering of his jaw and his right arm. He is the youngest living Medal of Honor recipeient
Medal of Honor recipient Melvin Morris was born in Okmulgee, Oklahoma on January 7, 1942. He is being recognized for his brave actions on September 17, 1969, while commanding the third company, Third Battalion of the fourth Moblie Strike Force near Chi Lang. Then, Staff Sargent Morris led an advance army across enemy lines to retrieve a fallen comrade and single-handedly destroyed an enemy force that had pinned his battalion from a series of bunkers. Staff Sargent Morris was shot three times as he ran back toward friendly lines with the american casualties, but did not stop until he reached safety. Morris received the Medal of Honor march 18, 2014.
William Carpenter
Melvin Morris
Tibor Rubin
Tibor Rubin was part of the Korean War in 1950. At first he and his family were rounded up by the Nazis and sent to a concentration camp in Austria, when he was 13. When Rubin was 15 he made a promise that if he ever went to America he would join then to show his appreciation to his liberators. He made it in for training. During the war, his Sgt found out he was Jewish. There, Rubin was sent to a hill to guard for 24 hours by himself. Not only was he alone, but he had to take cover and try to blend in. This was the time when the enemy took attack, so he fired continuously. He actually survived, due to shooting most of them. When Rubin ran off to the Sgt, he was surprised to see Rubin still alive. So Tibor Rubin was the one who was sent on impossible missions by showing that he is capable of doing almost anything back at the hill. Months after, he was severely injured and was captured by enemy troops. He repeatedly took a risk to gather food from the storehouses and gardens, due to the threat of starvation for him and the other captives, he also improvised medical techniques for sicking soldiers. This saved someones life, who actually was giving up, but came around when Rubin said, " You have to help yourself because your parents are waiting for you, your brother and sister is waiting for you... do you want to die or help yourself?"
Tibor Rubin was recommended for the Medal of Honor four times.
Was in the Army.
Fought in 1965
Received the Medal of Honor on November 16, 1968.
Sammy L. Davis
Tibor Rubin
Was in the Army
Fought in 1950.
Received the Medal of Honor on September 23, 2005
William Carpenter
Was in the Marines
Fought in 2009
Received the Medal of Honor on...
The youngest living Medal of Honor recipient.
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