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All About Compost

No description


on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of All About Compost

By: Timothy Mitchell's Team of the Robo Rebels
Our Presentation
Our problem is that our cafeteria
throws away about one dumpster every other day, which would be hundreds of pounds and we are trying to solve it.
Compost is made up out of lots of left-over foods, dead plants and other
things. All it takes to make it is
a large bin full of the items listed. Then eventually all of those items will be broken down into fresh rich dirt.
What The Orange County Waste Deposit Person Said
The waste person said that it was inportant to recycle and compost so that is why we did a waste audit.
How compost is made
Phase 1: All the ingredients such as food and green waste are thrown together in a pile.

Phase 2: Temperature rises and the waste gets put together.
Phase 3: High amounts of engergy is gained and then it and the tempeture decreases to make compost.
We need you to help us by recycling, putting waste in the right places, and composting, and we will to.
How you can help
Compost is important
because it helps plants
grow and we eat the food.
How Much Waste Do We Make?
We get about 1 dumpster every other day. full of trash. That is hundreds of pounds of food.
Compost is important because it helps farmers grow things they need by creating stuff kind of like soil but supplies humus and nutrients.
Farmers need it to help grow plants by supplying nutrients and humus for the plants to help them grow healthier.
Our team got together and we decided to organize a waste audit to measure the amount of waste we make in a day. Then we took everything compostable and recycleable and placed them in either the compost or recycling. We also saved all of the unopened food items and saved them for school snacks. We dumped the used milk into a bucket.
Why do we need compost?
Our Problem
People we talked to
We talked to a person from the Orange County Waste Department. We also talked to our school's cafeteria workers.
What compost is made out of
How our solution is helping
Our solution helps by decreasing the amount of trash that we make.
Our solution is helping by saving food from
being wasted and getting food for a local pig farmer. So the pigs won't starve and food will
go to good use.
Who We Worked With
We worked with Allen Green, Muriel Williamson, Josh Morelli, and Debbie Tant. Allen, Muriel, and Debbie helped us with our project while Josh helped us with our robot.
To feed food waste to pigs, we needed to have a permit. But we didn't have one. So we started to brainstorm other solutions
What happened to our Solution
Our Solution
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