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No description

Sofia Reis

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Vaquita

Vaquita is one of the six species of porpoises. They are the smallest of cetaceans, and often mistaken as dolphins. Vaquitas are the most endangered cetacean in the world.

Common name: Vaquita
Scientific name: Phocoena sinus
What is a Vaquita?
Vaquitas have a very unique way of adaptation, like their physical adaptations. Vaquita fins are more taller and larger than other porpoises. Also, they have an upright dorsal fin that is relativetly large when compared to other porpoises species. Vaquitas behavioral adaptations are different too. Vaquitas are frighten of boats, and they are never of surface. Vaquitas are very shy and secretive creatures. For this reason, they are most of the time in groups.
Vaquitas Adaptations
The main threats to Vaquitas are accidental gill nets. Fishermen set nets for fish and and shrimp. Vaquitas are usually not their targets but they mostly get caught in the nets. The vaquita is also threatened by the dwindling flow of fresh water from the Colorado River into the gulf. Vaquitas are starting to get extinct.
Why are Vaquitas endangered?
More and more Vaquitas get caught mostly by nets.
Vaquitas caught in
their habitat.
Vaquitas live in a marine habitat but their are some native plants like
Plants from their habitat
Vaquitas happily swimming in their enviroment.
Vquitas in their
NEW habitat
Vaquita food web
Vaquita Food pyramid
Large Shark
Killer Whale
Crabs seaweed algae shrimp
Teleost fishes
Bottle nose dolphin
Large sharks
Killer whale
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