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Jake hildebrand Roman alphabet Project

No description

Jake Hildebrand

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Jake hildebrand Roman alphabet Project

Roman Alphabet and Language
Romans Did not fully create english/latin Alphabet. They did something called adopting letters from different people like they adopted greek letters y,z,c,a and g. Their full alphabet was not made by greeks or them they also again adopted 20 letters from the Cumae alphabet.
Roman words
Words: Forum,Nutrix, Parma and Patrology. There are many more words that the romans made they are words we use in are everyday life.
Roman language
The roman language was formed with some Latin words and writing.
The Romans also created a lot of their own words too which created the language we use today.
How Romans used words
Do you see the word exit when you exit a building if so you just read a Latin word that the romans created in the 17-18 century. And if you say you point with your index finger it orignally meant that you were pointing with your fore finger.
Roman names created with Latin and Roman language


By:Jake Hildebrand
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