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Types of Sentences

Different ways of creating sentences.

Rafael Sabio

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Types of Sentences

types of Sentences
The Fragment
A part of a sentence; an incomplete thought.
Here is an example: running around outside
Here are two other examples of fragments:
Example 1: going for a walk
Example 2: because I love her so much
A Noun Phrase
Consists of a noun which is often preceded by a determiner, an adjective, a quantifier, etc.
Here is an example of a noun phrase:
Example: the park
Here are other examples of a noun phrase:
Example 1: two students
Example 2: The beautiful students
A Verb Phrase
Consists of a verb at the head of the phrase immediately followed by a noun phrase (usually)
Here is one example:
Example 1: hit the ball
Here are other examples: kicking the student;
killing the teacher
Prepositional Phrases
Consist of a preposition at the head of the phrase, followed by a noun phrase
Here is an example: around the pond.
Here are other examples: to the pool;below the house; on the table
Independent Clauses
A sentence. It can stand alone because it has a subject
and a verb.
Here is an example:
I am happy.
Here is another example: We are terribly ill.
Here is a third example: I like airplanes.
Declarative Sentences
Used to form statements
Here's an example: John was here.
Here is another example: The girl is Ji-Woo.
Interrogative Sentences
Used to ask questions
Here is an example: Where is Ralph?
Imperative Sentences
Used for commands: Here is an example:
Please close the door.
Conditional Sentences
used to indicated dependencies between events or conditions
Here is an example: If you don't
like it, then you can leave.
Here is another example: If you want to play, finish your homework.
Simple Sentences
The basic form is just subject and verb. Can have an object.
Here is an example: I am happy.
Complex Sentences
A sentence that has both a dependent clause and an independent clause.
Here is an example: Because she is mad, Mindy will go home.
Compound Sentences
a sentence that is made by conecting two independent clauses with a conjunction
Here is an example: I am happy because she is content.
Here is another example: We are funny because we are clowns.
Compound-Complex Sentences
a sentence made by connecting at least two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause.
Here is an example: Because she received a lot of money, Sarah is happy but I am sad.
Here is another example: Ralph was late and he was tired because it was raining.
Now, just remember that these are just a few examples of...
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