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jonathan v

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of SOLAR ENERGY

What is the definition history advantages and disadvantages of solar energy?
: Energy from the sun that is converted into thermal or electrical energy.
of solar energy are that buying and using solar panels can cost 6x more than buying electricity from a company.
are solar energy does not pollute the environment and its renewable.
In what ways is solar energy attractive energy source for consumers?
Its attractive to consumers because solar energy is an alternative energy source which means it is good for the environment. Also its renewable, it can be easily replaced. That is why it is attractive for consumers use.
How does solar panels generate electricity and convert's energy into usable work?
It converts it into electricity by using thermal collectors and solar sails.
Photovoltaic cells
are in these machines and the cells turn the sun's energy into electricity. So it generates using
photovoltaic cells
and the sun.
What seasonal changes might contribute to increased or decreased energy use?
Solar energy does not contribute to any seasonal changes because Solar energy is an alternative energy and does not cause pollution.
So that is why it
does not contribute
to any seasonal
How might the energy source be replenished or conserved through careful planning?
Solar energy is inexhaustible which means it will never run out. So we don't need to conserve solar energy if it cant run out.
By Jonathan Villarreal
Fun facts
1. Its a alternative
2. It does not
cause pollution.
3. It costs a lot of money to use solar energy.
: Your use of energy.
You can reduce your carbon foot print by not using fossil fuels and using alternative energy resources.
Also you can teach your community ways to reduce your carbon foot print. -Earth day.org
Carbon footprint
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