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Homestuck in Popular Culture

No description

Zachary McGuirk

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Homestuck in Popular Culture

What is Homestuck? A Webcomic Called Homestuck Zachary McGuirk Multimedia "comic" originating in 2009

Authored by little-known artist Andrew Hussie

Story focuses on four children who try to play a game together, leading to dire consequences

Utilizes multiple media formats to tell the story A Bit of History... Homestuck started in 2009...

Saw a large fandom increase after 2010

Started invading conventions in 2011/12

Was named "the Ulysses of the internet" by PBS' idea channel in 2012 Homestuck and McLuhan The medium (or mediums in this case) is the message
Due to its mixed media format, Homestuck is capable of a pacing and feel unlike any other comic Homestuck and Jenkins Homestuck is known for its... Colorful fandom

Fans are often considered fanatics, and are known for vehemently trying to create new readers

Homestuck fans recently overtook Star Wars in cosplay numbers at popular conventions Textual Poaching in
Homestuck Fanfictions, fan music, and fan art are common in the Homestuck fandom
Hussie recognized this eventually, and began using fan works in the comic
Some characters were even created to parody the fandom "Those gray skinned aliens.." In 2010, Hussie intruduced an alien race called 'The Trolls'
Began as distant creatures existing in an alternate universe
Fan demand made them into a much larger part of the story
Many fans only read for the trolls, skipped first four acts to get to them In Conclusion Homestuck examines media theories and often seeks to turn them on their heads

Homestuck is far more than the average comic, clocking in at over 6,000 pages (8th longest piece of English literature)

Homestuck fans are freaking weird Thanks for Listening!
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