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Alternative Visions

No description

Jarod Roll

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of Alternative Visions

Alternative Visions

HIS 106
Dr. Roll

wage labor
: individual sells their labor on an open marketplace under a formal or informal contract

Working and living conditions in industrial cities:
10 hour days, 6 day weeks
child labor
slums, sewage, violence

1877 strikes
Some alternatives:
Workingmen's Party 1877-1878
Socialist Labor Party of America, 1878-1901
Henry George, Progress and Poverty (1879)
Seal of the Knights of Labor
Knights of Labor:

1. Organize labor to counter big business
2. Secure labor its share of the wealth
3. Co-operative stores, businesses
4. Public land for settlers, not railroads
5. Health and safety laws in workplaces
6. Arbitration of disputes, not strikes
7. No child labor
8. Equal pay for equal work, men and women
9. 8-hour day
10. National money, not private bank notes
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